Winter Corn

winter corn

I lived most of my life in Arizona, where you can grow corn all winter long. Here in New Hampshire, this is what the corn looks like in January…

This image was taken with me bending all the way down to the ground, the camera just a few inches above the snow.


  1. It’s springtime! I’ve had enough of the winter cold. Great shot by the way.

  2. There’s nothing more you can wish with winter, but as summer near on us… I feel it glorify ones self… I am so excited for it and after it a while winter will comes then..

  3. Excellent shot of Winter Corn.
    Photography is hobby so i always learn about the subject.
    Thanks for your Awesome Photography.

  4. I really admire the way you must have clicked this picture. It is freezing cold and you still took all the risk to lie down on the snow and give a great angle to your picture. I have no idea whether the corn has dried up or it is just starting to grow, but the details are pretty much clear for anyone to appreciate your art of photography.

  5. Ronifelle says:

    I really love this so much! I hope I can capture a photo just like this too…

  6. Great shot, I know that it’s not easy to captured the angle of corn in a freezey moment…

  7. Such a great shots of Winter Corn. You always gives us and share us great photos here. Thanks a lot!

  8. Great shot! I can imagine how much excellence and perfection it must have taken for you to have this picture clicked. I just cant imagine how you could even manage to be so much close to the snow bounded ground. The photo is so clear that one can see even the minute textures on the sides of the corn and the little snow accumulated over it looks like a white hat the corn is wearing.

  9. Love this photo as I love the cold weather! I laugh looking this photo, I can’t imagine corn can turn into snow! Lol!

  10. T first sight of the photo, you won’t think that it’s a corn, it’s more like a branch of a tree. ? Anyway, the photo was perfectly shot. Great job! :)

  11. Hi there,
    This is an amazing shot, you can even feel the cold. It must have been a shock to your system to make that move!

  12. I can’t wait to feel the humor of winter season, this is the beautiful time were I spent happy things with my family…

  13. Cool pic! You don’t usually get to see corn in the wintertime, so this is a cool photo. Plus, I like how the snow looks sitting on the top of the corn stalk. It almost makes me miss the snow lol

  14. Dawn0977 says:

    Nice shot! you really captured the perfect angle. Thanks for the post and for sharing this awesome photo to us. Just keep up the good work!

  15. Charmaine says:

    Perfect photograph..I like to do this..You did a great job..Thanks for sharing this to us..

  16. Thats really amazing otherwise i don’t look content like this but this one drawn me.
    iPhone 4S

  17. I’ve also lived in Phoenix & Boston. So I know how weather differs extremely when you compare both regions… This picture says more than words.. Nicely captured in camera.

  18. I love your shot here, a beautiful angle of a winter corn…

  19. Nice shot! Achieving this kind of shot using macro or manual focus could be a bit tricky. And this, “This image was taken with me bending all the way down to the ground, the camera just a few inches above the snow” is a clear indication of how passionate you are as a photographer. Keep up the good work!

  20. I love your shot here, how I wish I could collect also this beautiful capture image… I love photography.

  21. Your techniques are awesome, Wonderful shot of Winter Corn. The background, the light and the angle everything is perfect. I think you suffered a bit to click this picture and you know the result. Thanks for sharing it, curiously waiting for your next picture.

  22. I like photography too much, but it is to me only a hobby. Your photos are professional!
    Thanks for share!!!

  23. That is a lovely shot of the corn. I love the cold weather but this year I have not managed to see any snow, so disappointing!

  24. This is really beautiful… I love this corn shot….

  25. This is really beautiful… I love this corn shot….:)

  26. I never love winter but this shot made my day.

  27. Kristin Collers says:

    Are you guys having problems with the snow disappearing too? It seems that it gets to the point where it just melts and then it snows again. I just hope spring comes soon.

  28. I love the photographic effect. That’s exactly what the corn looks like that time of year here in Idaho as well. I’ve never lived anywhere that you could grow corn all year long. Didn’t you burn up there in Arizona during the summer?

  29. Beautiful photo, makes me long for winter.

  30. It’s so amazing to see corn in such a different stage of its life. A magnificent shot that really captures the fact that there are usually at least two sides to everything – even some of our favourite vegetables! ?

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