A photo of a vase I encountered on a family vacation, and its contents’ shadows.

Well Lit

Well Lit

Big thanks to my brother in law for being willing to shut off most of the lights in the tent so I could take this photo. Everyone but me was working hard to get the tent set up for the next day’s wedding, but the guy with pneumonia just had to get “this one really […]



I’m not one of these guys that will go out with a squirt bottle to add little drops of water to flowers before I take their pictures… but when it rained a couple weeks ago, I went looking for interesting things to shoot, and I liked the way the water was dripping from the hydrangeas […]



All but certain I will be laid up tomorrow as I have been assaulted by a sore throat out of no where. Here, then, a photographic study of what laryngitis might look like.



Sunshine streams through the clouds in this photograph from New England.

White Heron


Spotted across the canal that run from the house we rented to the Atlantic Ocean – a white heron.


ladies' skates

As we switch from winter to summer, a couple of pairs of lady’s skates.

Unknown Flower

unknown bulb flower

These flowers didn’t bloom at all last year, but this year a few of the bulbs seem to have more drive.

Born to ride


We see a lot of bikers on the road this time of year in New Hampshire.



Several photos of sheep, taken by request.