Where’s My Cow?

It’s a bit of a wacky list on the old Monthly Scavenger Hunt, with clues like “Where’s My Cow?” making the cut… I’m a little bit surprised that this photo wasn’t taken by someone else before I did it. I usually finish the hunt on the last day of the month, but with Thanksgiving and guests around the corner, I wanted to get a jump on the list. Maybe someone else will take a similar photo… but for now, this is the only one, and it makes me laugh, so I thought I would post it here for you to enjoy as well.

Oh, the photo on the carton is originally by Jelles – here’s the original cow picture. This is why I post almost all of my images with a Creative Commons attribution license – it’s fun to see what other people will do with your images.

Here are all the “Where’s My Cow?” entries… enjoy!


  1. Alexander says:

    Good one! I think the black and white did a good job on that picture. Actually the monthly scavenger hunt looks quite interesting and might look into it more at some time.
    Alexander recently posted Add a field of depth to your pictures in Photoshop

    • James Lee says:

      It’s a lot of fun – I do it because it challenges me to take photos I would never have taken otherwise. It’s helped me grow as a photographer, and makes my hobby more interesting, too.

  2. Sophia @ CPR Classes says:

    That is too funny.

  3. LOL!! That is hilarious!!

  4. So, have you found your cow yet lOl
    Cindy Auligny recently posted IXP3 Internet Messaging Clock

  5. Tina @ Minert and Associates says:

    Seriously? This is just funny, I can’t help but think… what could have been possibly happening to my images posted in world wide web?! I think I’m going to be out looking for my cow soon! Found yours yet? LOL!


  6. Chi Pritchard @ Photographer in Charleston SC says:

    We’ll nothing like getting a good laugh on Friday. You don’t have to worry about your subject running off in this shot!!!

  7. EricOConnor @ Chicago Wedding Photographer says:

    Love the color shot of the cow. That is hilarious. Are you actually laying underneath it?

  8. Dylon Hourani @ IQ Test says:

    This one makes me think, Amazing! Thanks for allowing us to see the comparison between the two. It is exactly the same. Indeed, you did a great job and your labor is not in vain. Keep growing!

  9. I think I will have to start doing this. Sounds like a whole lotta fun, and could be something I could do with my son! Thank you.

  10. Alec Rowan says:

    got milk?

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