Where does the time go?

orange Citizen watch

If you’re a regular visitor, you’re probably wondering where did the posts go.

I’m enjoying a lot of other things right now. Work and family mean the camera is staying in the bag more often than not. I’ll try to be a bit more regular on here than I have been… in the mean time, I leave you a close up of the watch I bought in Paris just outside the Louvre so I could keep track of the time and not miss a rendezvous with my traveling companions. It’s my only trip to Europe so far… loved it.


  1. Ah macro – love it.

    That’s a good lens you have there – showing the scratches on the glass.

  2. I always love macro shots and this one has so much clarity on it and such vibrant colours, really nice ?

  3. Love the colours in this one. It’s not easy taking these kinds of shots! I’ve tried a fair few with my watches and had to spend a lot longer than you might imagine to get it looking just right. Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip to Europe :)

  4. Whitney Powel says:

    Time is gold. So, it is better not to waste your time.

  5. Wonderful watch, I really liked the colour and design of it. Great photography and I will surely try with my watch. Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip to Europe. Great picture, thanks for sharing.

  6. Love the colors and overall look and feel. The simplest things can be quite beautiful.

  7. It’s not easy taking these kinds of shots, I have tried with my watches but did not get that perfect shot, wonderful photography and I really loved the technique of close up and the camera angle, good shot, thanks for sharing, I will try it again LOL.

  8. Awesome picture! Even though I know, you can’t tell if the scratches are on the glass or the watch! Good job.

  9. Gerald Evans says:

    The true essence of photography lies in the fact that you can show the world exactly how you see it. What is even more beautiful is that you show the world things that most often skip their sight. Having said that, James, you do seem to have such a lovely view of the world, right from framing the picture to the camera angles to the use of colors!

  10. purnima says:

    Macro shots are simply amazing The vibrant colors add to the beauty of the click and the clarity is commendable . Such clicks are nothing less than examples of professional photography . Gripping share .

  11. Kristine says:

    Your title is a very good thought to ponder on and I love how well you captured that image. I will definitely be back to check out your other posts. Nice.

  12. Macro shots never fail to amaze me. This is a great looking timepiece, I think the tiny scratches on the surface gives it character. Thanks for sharing!

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