What is it?

What Is It?

Today’s photo is obviously a little more abstract. Some sort of alien antenna? Nebulous growth under a microscope? Malformed unicorn horn?

What do YOU think it is?


  1. A droplet and the photo has been upturned?

  2. Water droplets upside down?

  3. Water droplet inside an oil chamber..?

    Quick, tell. :)

  4. It’s a glass swizzle stick. lol
    or “I’ll go with alien antenna for 1000” sez another Ronald

  5. Very cute and artistic! hmm, I believe that’s an alien antenna.. they’re coming..lol

  6. heidimoorez says:

    Is this an upside down drops of water?

  7. So it’s definitely a drop. And I think it’s a drop of water. But you managed to snap it while it’s continuous and it’s a bit confusong =)

  8. Wow – really cool pic, I like stuff like this. I thought it was an upside down water droplet as well. ?

  9. I think it’s a water droplet and I believe it is a very nice photo. :)

  10. I personally like the idea of it being a glass water tower, but most of you are correct – it’s a water drop about to separate from the faucet, turned upside down.

  11. I don’t know what it is but I totally know that is a great photo! Congrats!

  12. At first glance, the picture looks like bubbles on top of each other. But when I look at it closely, it seems like a tube or plastic or perhaps glass item. The thing that makes this picture work is the fact that it is in the foreground and not the focus. The strange and abstract look that it has makes it a subject of interest. A picture for the New Year, keep clicking more of these. Enjoy 2012.

  13. Water, or some sort of liquid in a picture that’s upside down…whatever it is it looks awesome! The reflections from the nearby surfaces as well as the color/light change in the background gives it a really interesting depth.

  14. OMG! I like how it was captured. Really beautiful!

  15. marieljackson says:

    Very creative, I really appreciate the beauty of these creation, Beautiful!

  16. This is really cool! You can tell it’s a water droplet, but I really like how it hasn’t disconnected yet so it looks like one cohesive object. Plus you get some really neat reflections off the water, which I always like lol. Turning it upside down changes it completely, and makes it seem unnatural or even a bit alien. Fantastic shot!

  17. Donovan says:

    Really good photo John………… I to think it may be water in oil. I am also trying to see whats in the reflection for a clue????? All in all this is a classic case of less is more. Nice one:)

  18. I was trying to see what was in the reflection too. Does look a little (alien like).

  19. I was going to say ‘upside-down water droplets,’ although, creativity is the name of the game here, right?

    So I’m going to say a subtle, vibration in the thin layer that existing between our universe and the parallel universe where we all have evil twins ?

  20. How far are the drops falling to the ir seonsr and after the seonsr?I’ve been trying this using basic equipment(nothing flash like yours!)Would just like a rough guide to the setup.Some of your shots are amazing.Thanks

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