Went for a run


I typically keep running related blog posts on my running blog, but I do also take pictures while I’m running from time to time. Pull out the phone and snap away, essentially.

This one shows a pretty significant milestone for me. That covered bridge at the end of the road, just about a tenth of a mile up, is the finish line of the 2014 Boston Marathon. 26.1 miles down, 0.1 to go. I have a LOT more photos here if you’d like to see more from that day.

So why am I sharing it here? Because this site used to be a much bigger focus in my life. As I’ve become a runner, any regular visitor to this page has noticed that I’m just not shooting as much. I still enjoy my photography, but I don’t have as much time to devote to it any more. I set my priorities a little different, and I’m spending more time on the road.

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