Well Lit

Big thanks to my brother in law for being willing to shut off most of the lights in the tent so I could take this photo. Everyone but me was working hard to get the tent set up for the next day’s wedding, but the guy with pneumonia just had to get “this one really cool photo,” and the groom totally rolled with the request.

Congrats to the bride and groom – your wedding was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.


  1. Fantastic picture. I must first laud your creativity to be able to capture something different from the mundane. The entire thought process that you employed to achieve this picture is really deserving of a salute. The two elements that dominate here are light and dark. The light is one that is not illuminating but just bright enough to provide an extra-ordinary view.

  2. Nick Kranjer says:

    A big “thank you” to your brother in law. I love this picture.
    Great job.

    Thanks for sharing this snap with us.


  3. Brilliant picture! I like the negative space.

  4. I think the shot which you have taken is really amazing! It is rare to find such pictures. I liked the caption which you have chosen for this picture. It complements the picture. Thanks to your brother in law for letting you click this beautiful picture for us! For me your photography has been the most significant and consistent inspite of having pneumonia. Do take care and congrats to newly wed couple!

  5. Dear Jeams, I am already a fan of your photography! Great job!

  6. I think the picture is very nice! I liked the way you justify the pictures with your titles. There is no doubt in your photography. Your eagerness to share your thoughts with your pictures is highly visible. It is rare to find such unusual good shots on any website.Both the elements in this shot light and dark are perfectly captured. Agree with you a really cool photo!

  7. Kimme Lanson says:

    Beautiful picture, it brought tears to my eyes. I think this is the true power of photography, to be able to make the viewer emotional and feel, wow, this is it, it’s something different. It’s something I have never seen and will never again see. I agree that it is truly well lit, the idea and execution are both fabulous. Great work.

  8. You did a great shot here..Thanks for sharing to us..Great job..Looking forward to see more photography..

  9. Finally it feels good to see something better from your side. The recent moth picture was pretty disgusting. I just love it when its dark and a small source of light can make it look pretty romantic and soothing. Its pretty difficult these days to find such darkness and to have such a setup for clicking pictures. Your brother in law would have taken a lot of pain to do that. Overall a very beautiful picture.

  10. Jacob King says:

    What astounded me was the fact that you were able to think mentally of the possibility of such a great picture and then have the confidence to go ahead and execute it. Great work and a big salute to you for being imaginative and then being able to execute your imagination by making a nicely composed picture.

  11. James Harrison says:

    By looking at your picture I think it is a good shot which could be only possible for a good photographer. The shot is perfect and I liked both the elements of your picture – light and dark. Must say the set up for the wedding was really romantic! I liked you thought of taking a shot and share it with us. It is good to hear that you had fun even when you are suffering from pneumonia! Take care!

  12. it’s amazing what a little light in a dark place can accomplish: hope, love, joy, anticipation of good things to come. the pic is a sweet memory of all who graced the event and blessed the couple with their presence, and the great fun of celebration of the solemn covenant of marriage. thank you ?

  13. It’s amazing how something so simple as a strand of light bulbs can be so beautiful. This photograph reminds me of my younger days when my family and I all sit on the porch, with only a few light bulbs which flicker in the night. We would tell stories and have sing along. Good times.

  14. Groshan Fabiola says:

    The shot which you have posted here is one of the unusual ones. I liked the way in which you took this shot. It is rare to find such set up for a wedding which I think is truly romantic! Inspite of minimal setup you have made the most to get a beautiful picture. The arrangement of lighting is very nice. And the dim lit bulbs have added to the beauty of darkness.

  15. Marc Derikx says:

    Had a look at all your pictures and have drawn a conclusion that this is your best orchestrated picture. I have studied photography for quite sometime and I must say that there are a number of factors that influence a picture. The photographer, what he sees and what he shows. But here the picture is not something that you did not see with your physical eyes but saw with your mental eyes, great going on that.

  16. Jordan Xiong says:

    Your picture is truly mind blowing. I totally loved it and I must say that it has brought a smile on my face, makes me think of the Twilight movies and the sets in them. The picture for some strange reason has a very Gothic look to it that has attracted me. It is very similar to the moon glow I must say. Nice job.

  17. Haha I love the fact that you had to get this shot while everyone else was getting ready for the wedding. And I’m glad the groom let you too, because it turned out really cool! The contrast is so great it looks like little balls of light are just floating in the background. Great photo, thanks for sharing!

  18. Brilliant use of negative space here, great shot! Well worth the minor inconvenience to the groom in my opinion lol I love how the glowing lights just fade into the distance

  19. Akbar Rosarium says:

    I think the picture which you have posted totally complements the caption given to it. The set up of dimly lit bulbs in the darkness is really romantic. It is rare to find such settings for weddings. I liked the way you have taken a shot by focusing on a single bulb. It has given picture a different look. Thanks for sharing such wonderful picture with us!

  20. I am a photography teacher here in Utah and I have seen and studied the pictures taken by the masters of photography and when I see a goof picture I know it. This picture in particular that you have taken is a stellar effort and is worth major praise. I must say that there is non like this. Keep up the good work. Keep clicking, thinking and creating- after all photography is an art.

  21. I love this photo. It’s simple but beautiful. It’s something I would totally hang in my house.

  22. Luis Smalling says:

    This is a lovely photograph. Thanks to your brother-in-law. I love the composition.
    What camera do you use?



  23. I just heard about your blog, and this is the first picture I’m checking out. And I have to say I’m impressed! This is a really cool shot, very well done with the lighting, bravo. And quite an amusing story to go along with it too! Thanks for sharing your talent, I can’t wait to see what else you’ve done!

  24. The picture is one with great looks. It reminds me a lot of the old times when people used to use these bulbs as a source of light. I am taken back to a memory I had as a child of nights there lights were the only illuminating object available, with no tube lights and the like. It’s a great picture, looks really nice.

  25. Charles Ceccarelli says:

    This picture which you posted makes me think about the innovations today’s weddings have. Everyone want their wedding to be special one and for this they get expert wedding planners and all other stuff. But I liked this set up it has got a unique look and it is very rare to find such dark yet romantic set up for wedding party. I liked the way you took this shot. Also the caption is the appropriate one for this picture. Thanks for sharing this!

  26. I really love the effects lights create in setting up any abience or in a picture. The ehole feel is created with the help of these lights and I just love to light up my room according to the different ocassions. Your picture tells me that youmight really be enjoying the whole feel of the envirnment these small bulbs must have created in complete darkness. itsan amazing click. i hope to share some of mine with you as well.

  27. Nice picture, light itself has endless possibilities :)

    Just wondering, what camera do you use?

  28. Another amazing photo. My grandfather, who is just starting to get into photography, is spending the winter months in Florida and has been posting various pics he’s taken on Facebook. I’ll definitely be sharing this link with him. Great work!

  29. Very cool shot- well done!

  30. Nicholle Olores says:

    Another great photo! Thanks be to your brother-in-law for helping you to have shot this photo. It is so great!

  31. Wow this shot is really cool! I’m loving your blog so far, you really have an amazing talent for photography. I like the contrast between bright and dark in this shot, and appreciate the funny little anecdote as well!

  32. You really have a photographic eyes to see this magnificent subject. Your are very artistic and i really like the effects of lights. Thanks for the post and job well done

  33. Very nice shot, I really like the bokeh in the background, it would have been nice if there were a bit more definition around the lightbulb (seeing the glass around the sides), but I know that would have been hard to do.

  34. Would look great on canvas! Good job, man.

  35. This is a romantic side of the party which is great that you have captured made it exude with its bst beauty.

  36. This is really a fantastic shot, the bride and groom must be happy with your work!

  37. Mark Volan says:

    I am just amazed seeing these lovely picture.. I guess you have great taste for photography…

  38. Monica Belluca says:

    Hey the picture looks rally nice… I am glad to see this I would like similar type in near future.

  39. WOW!! This pic is really amazing and this could make a great wedding gift for the couple.

  40. Hope the guy with pneumonia is better and glad you had fun at the wedding. Looking forward to some more brilliant clicks from you!

  41. Purnima says:

    Indeed a gripping click . Light and darkness have been captured in a commendable way by you . The click and the thought process involved deserve a salute . The dim lit bulbs adds beauty to the darkness . Each click of yours inspire me to work on my photography . Thanks for the share .

  42. Romany Watson says:

    Amazing photo. It’s really creative and able to capture something different from the other. It’s deserving of a salute. The two elements that dominate here are light and dark. It just bright enough to provide an extra-ordinary view.

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