We Are Ninja!

I have my camera back from repairs… feeling good about that. Here’s a pic that was on the memory card…


  1. LOL. That was hilarious. I am sure it would make the reader of the notice to panic for couple of seconds. All hail Ninja ?

  2. was this an image taken while at the repair shop or left on the card before it was sent to them ?? either way very funny

  3. Hahahaha! That was very funny…I stop for a while and finding where the camera is? LOL! Nice idea hah…your post makes the readers from guessing about what is in there to be stolen.

  4. I love “We are ninja”! What’s your background in photo? What got you started?

  5. I took the photo before it went into the shop… that would have been doubly fun if some tech had taken the shot whilst it was in for repairs!

  6. Lol! Great joke – unless its true! It would make me laugh or start looking for cameras if I saw it in a shop

  7. For a second there I thought that someone else has taken the photo when you took it in to get it repaired and you discovered it when you got it back. LOL. That would have been quite the story.

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