Want some Cheetos?

bag of Cheetohs

You know you want to reach in there… no? Want me to hand one to you?

This bout of silliness brought to you by Frito-Lay.


  1. Very tempting offer…thanks…I love chetoos

  2. I loved the second pic… Try clicking the same pic with a rose.. it would be incredible.

  3. Hmm crunchy ? lol, yeah the handout of cheetos is incredible. and I have to mention the background blur. My friend keep saying that the prime lens are the best in bokeh. Your pic proved it.

  4. @Paul – will do.

    @Ben – I get to do SEO for auto glass at work. It’s pretty competitive… and not easy. I can only imagine what you go through…

    But yeah, I love my nifty-fifty. This pic was taken with an x2 Quantaray close-up filter, so that accentuates the bokeh. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great without the filter. See the first and fifth picture from the shoe shots from yesterday or the maple bokeh from a few days back – both are without the filters. By comparison, the snake pictures are all with the filters, and I love those images.

  5. Yummy, I really love cheese and everything mixed with it. It’s really one of those guilty pleasures I have that I know can make me fat.

  6. I like the offer. i love cheetos. I think I am going to buy myself a packet. or maybe send someobody to get me one while I look at the digital ones. :-0

  7. Quite tempting. I like cheetos. Did they pay you to post that?

  8. Fun post. It is always nice to add a human element. I love Cheetos too and their second cousin, Dorito, is also a good friend.

  9. Hey which camera did you use? Amazing depth and colour! The second photograph is a real winner.

    • That’s my trusty Nikon D90 with a fifty mm f/1.8 lens and a Quantaray close-up filter.

      I like the second one, too… so does WIRED magazine. They used it in their article of this year’s fifty most intriguing companies.

  10. I feel like I could eat cheetos forever and never get bored of them. I’d just get morbidly obese

  11. The second picture looks so good that make me want to eat cheetos LOL
    I like the blur effect, it show the main of picture that you want to tell us.
    Very interesting :) Great Job!

  12. Woww, Cheetos … That is my favorite snack food. I love to eat Cheetos snack when watching movies. Well, I really love the taste of cheese snacks.

  13. Cheetos are my favorite snack. But now I’ve started to reduce the consumption of snacks because my weight. I longed to eat them. You make me want to eat it.

  14. The photo is just so inviting I think I want to grab on it and eat it….YUm..YUM…:)

  15. Love the orange fingers!

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