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I’m part of an increasingly rare bread. I’m a political moderate. I believe in planks from both political parties. That means that no matter who wins today’s presidential election, I will only have half of my values represented by the winner. Still, I’ve made my choices and I’m casting my ballot.

I’m okay if you don’t vote. It means my vote counts more.



  1. Oh that there were more people who would extend a bridge between the parties.

    This is a time when the US will define itself – perhaps even more so than in the rocky days of four years ago.

    Were I American, I would vote Obama.

  2. I am always confused on this issue that whether I should vote or no. Either of the two seems good because when I vote for a particular person or government it never wins. And if it wins it somehow does not fulfill my expectations. I think I should start working on this matter more dedicatedly for good results.

  3. So finally it is decided and Obama again has the leadership under his hat. Well, he has been a good leader until now and I am sure he is going to continue. America will see more better changes this year maybe because its the third time Obama has been given the honours to lead. He might show why is he worthy of that.

  4. I salute this man- Obama. He has brought a lot of change to the economy of America and yes the change is commendable. Therefore, America has made no wrong decision in electing him again as the president. The Americans are lucky to have Obama by their side and he is going to progress more.

  5. Obama is a lucky man that he has got this amazing opportunity again. He is worthy of the post and the people are lucky as well. Well, coming to voting, one must surely vote for the right person and wait for the final decision. All you can do by then is pray for the good.

  6. Nice to see something unique which is related to civic sense, If we are living in a democracy country then we have to vote because every vote counts, Its nice to see you voting and sharing the blog, it really creates awareness. Good post, thanks for sharing.

  7. Obama is a lucky man that he has got this amazing opportunity again. He is worthy of the post and the people are lucky as well.

  8. I agree with @Alex. Obama it’s the best president for America. He made a lot of good changes.

  9. I believe Obama is doing the best he can. No one is perfect and I sympathize you being a political moderate.

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