Up Early for a Saturday

Okay – I’m up early most Saturdays… at least, for a non-work day. Today I woke up at 2 (the first time), and after several attempts at getting back to sleep, crawled out of bed around 6. I was thus able to get a nice shot of the sun shining on some ice crystals on the window this morning.


  1. Jim Hardin says:

    Wow very interesting blue effects in the shot. Just wanted to let you know to I just posted the Smore post. Thanks for the pictures by the way.

    .-= Jim Hardin´s last blog ..Toasty S’more Post =-.

  2. # 1 fam says:

    OK, 2 AM is waaaaaay to long before the alarm goes off.
    Great picture! Hi Greenlants, Hi Jim, Hi Claire, Hi other blog readers. This is my first venture into the virtual world of blog commentators, and it’s fun, I enjoy reading your comments, too.
    jronald, several questions – answer any that you think I need to know!

    What ARE the blue dots?!
    Which window?
    Which camera?
    What settings on said camera?
    Which lens?
    What was the temperature inside when you took the shot? Outside?
    Do you love your mama (when she asks questions)?

  3. James says:

    1) The blue dots are the sky. The photo is through two panes of glass, then through ice crystals, then the forest, then sky.
    2) The sun room, by the stove.
    3) Nikon D90.
    4) Auto-everything, no flash. 1/80 exposure.
    5) AF-S NIKKOR 18-105mm VR at 105 mm
    6) Temp inside: 51 F. Outside, 22 F.
    7) Yes (yes).

  4. Jesse Banks says:

    Great photo! I’ve been looking through your work, great stuff. I have some experience with photography and have some suggestions: You need a little more contrast in your photos. Try using high aperture settings and shorter shutter speed. You might also try shooting at a different time of day. There’s also a great array of filters available or you can use photoshop. Definitely keep up the good work though. Your work has a good voice :)

  5. James says:

    Thank you, Jesse. All valid points, I’m sure. :) I’m afraid it’s been around 30 years since I took a photography course… so it’s a bit audacious for me to have a photography blog. I needed to learn about blogging for work, so I started a blog at home. I found that I do so much word-based blogging at work that I was out of steam by the time I got home. When I turned to my camera, I started finding that voice…

    I’ve only had the camera with aperture/shutter speed controls for about a week, and definitely don’t know how to use it properly (yet). The store gives lessons to anyone who buys a camera, so I hope to learn more in the near future. I will keep your comments in mind! Thanks so much – hope you stop by again.

  6. defree says:

    beautiful picture… nice post guys…
    .-= defree´s last blog ..Google Earth for Android =-.

  7. stacie @ gchq says:

    I like that shade of blue. I’m going to sound so weird now but it looks like aliens had been there and left some sort of alien blood behind. Or fairies. (I don’t even believe in aliens or fairies, but that’s what it looks like.)
    It’s amazing what you can catch when the sun is out.

  8. I used to see ice like that on my old car windscreen. Since changing car I no longer get it. So either there is global warming or older cars have a different type of glass. Anyway cool picture.

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