Unknown Flower

These flowers didn’t bloom at all last year, but this year a few of the bulbs seem to have more drive. We have three blooms from what appears to be over 50 bulbs. I think we need to move them to a sunnier spot.


  1. This is a Daffodil James. I have a cleared woods in the front of my property and it is full of them. And they bloom just fine. Of course there are many varieties of them. We love them because it is a sign that spring is here!
    Another great photo!

  2. Bob, thanks for your comments. I also submitted the picture to a flora identification group, who said specifically, “Pheasant’s eye daffodil, Narcissus poeticus var. recurvus.”

    That’s a mouthful, eh?

  3. Very nice flower, so subtle and pure. I wish there were more flowers on sidewalks, that would make my day!

  4. Great job James, and I was going to guess that it was a daffodil and imagine my surprise when I read Bob’s comment ?

  5. Great photo James. I especially like the way the lighting nad the background bokeh.

  6. Ryan Cowles says:

    Yet again, I like the bokeh. My eye is immediately drawn to the flower, and the subtlety of the background keeps my eye within the picture. The green on the left also does a nice job of framing the picture without drawing attention away from the focal point.

  7. Ray Jasper Palmer says:

    This is a great flower. so simple with white. Honestly, like to see flowers like this, it could help lessen out my stress. Thanks for getting there Lee, i hope you had lots of rare flowers like this.

  8. Sasha Grey says:

    Nice, very nice flower!

  9. Stunning photo! … I love the background color too, makes it look kind of eery in my opinion. As a result the simple beauty of the flower stands out more.

  10. The flower is so beautiful flower. Awesome shot, you did not used flash on this?

  11. how beautiful the flower is ! thank you for sharing. i think we can take good care of it.

  12. Great job! Wonderful photo! The olive green blades of grass make the photo look beautiful. Great composition.

  13. There’s something so incredibly beautiful about a complete flower, with no chips or tears in the petals. They look so fragile, like fabric and have a feel like nothing on earth. Great picture, very calming and soothing. I love that the flower is the focus, instead of having an overbearing amount on green around it.

  14. Nice shot. Love the way the backgrounds fades into perfect Bokeh. What lens / cemera / settings did you shoot this with??

  15. That’s a Nikon D90 with the NIKKOR 50mm 1.8D and a 2x Quantaray close-up filter.

    • Interesting the Nikkor 1.8D has great Bokeh. I will have to look into close-up filters for my lenses. Right now i use extension tubes but love the results people are getting with close-up filters.

  16. It’s a lovely flower and a lovely shot. We have untold thousands of the overall yellow variety of daffodil here in Leeds. They are planted along verges, in gardens and in public parks.

    This year we have also had tiny narcissi in the Alpine nursery at the Royal Horticultural Society’s gardens in Harrogate – about 30 minutes drive from here. The whole plant is only about four or five inches tall and it looks stunning.

    So guess who didn’t get out to photograph daffodils for our blog post this Spring? Mmmn.

  17. David, I missed all the tulips, personally. Here’s to next year, eh?

    Kim, I’ve been both thrilled and bitterly disappointed with the Quantaray filters. Focusing is difficult, and the DOF is very shallow. Sometimes that adds to the image, sometimes it takes away.

    The thing is this… I got three filters for about $30 US. Compared to the NIKKOR 105mm micro that I really want, filters are a heck of a bargain. :)

  18. Is your interest in flowers or photography? If its flowers then seriously think about taking up photography as you capture some magnificent images.

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