Gray Tree Frog (hyla versicolor)

Gray Tree Frog

This is a photo of a gray tree frog, or hyla versicolor. Available to purchase at Getty Images.

Tree, Sky


Back in New Mexico, the skies still know how to share blue, and even though it’s winter, there is still some warmth to be found.

Cottonwood and stars

stars and cottonwood

A cottonwood tree and the New Mexico sky behind it. A beautiful star photo.

Apple Tree

apple tree

Photograph of an apple tree against a cloudy sky.

Near Miss


Over 60 feet tall, this tree narrowly missed the house when it fell Thursday night.

Tree down

tree down

Taken with my iPhone during the big wind event of February, 2010

Moon, tree, snow.


Taken after the last snow storm.

Snow covered gooseberries


A group of gooseberries is covered with the first snow in southern New Hampshire.

Maple tree with lady bug

maple tree lady bug

A maple tree started growing between my driveway and garage this year. I let it grow, and it’s finally turning red. When the leaves fall, I will go ahead and pull it out…