Toad Paws

toad paws

Here’s another shot from the toad I shared last week. The toad was pretty docile, and put up with me holding it upside for a moment before I let it go.


  1. Great photo – really lovely. Well done. It’s so sensitive –

  2. James Moralde says:

    You could give this the title ‘Beauty in Ugly’. I guess Bruno Mars wouldn’t mind. After all, inspite of the warts and all, you showed that it’s a sight to behold just the same.

  3. Ryder Barrett says:

    Really a fantastic idea and also nice photograph too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ahh! the alien hands, and that too so wonderfully designed by god. Well, this photo depicts the minute details on the toad’s paws that look so attractive and cute. The picture is closely taken and I can very well notice the textures on his paws. Nice click!

  5. Beautifully bumpy! He was very cooperative as I recall. To be able to see that detail of texture is such a treat.

  6. It’s paw outline is so well defined, when it’s got boils all over it. I certainly don’t want to touch this little guy. It’s bumpy texture disgusts me. It goes without saying that this is one hell of a snap. I can’t believe it’s the same bullfrog. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Brian McDougall says:

    Whoah! Toad paws look creepy. I really hate toads. Makes me wanna puke but you were able to catch the intricate patterns there. Nice one!

    -Brian McDougall

  8. well, I must say first time this popped up it was more than a little creepy – glad you’d had the frog up before so I quickly realized what this was (and not a visitor from a former life lol ;)!! great fun, great photo
    gotta love those frogs

  9. Man that’s weird, and alien like. It was much better looking from afar, this close view freaks me out. Looks like it’s got a really gross disease or something.

  10. This toad image is really something. I was actually shocked when it loaded and said whoa out loud which rarely happens. Nice work!

  11. Jay Nolan says:

    Fantastic photograph of yours about toad. Also I like your Interesting post very much because your post has so exceptional thing. Thanks for your excellent sharing.

  12. When I saw this picture closely, the toad paws looked like a new born baby’s palms and fingers. They look so delicate and attractive. It must have been a tough job capturing those paws that too both of them. However, this picture diferent from all others and beautiful.

  13. Great macro photograph :) so unique…
    I ilke macro photography also… keep up the good work man…

  14. I am really scared of insects and animals especially species belonging to Amphibian group; probably because I am suffering from batrachophobia. But looking at the shot taken by you, I must say they are not dangerous and harmful to us. It’s nice to see you like toad and you literally carry them. Really nice angle of clicking such a magnificent shot. Good one!

  15. Wow! It’s very amazing. I’m looking forward to catch some species around my workplace to take a shot.

  16. So do you see these toads a lot throughout the year? You should post a few other macro shots.

  17. Tim Scarne says:

    Wow how were you able to get up close and personal with a live animal and a macro lens? I wish I possessed the photography skills and talent you have.

  18. god that would creep me out. just look at the photo i feel itchy… kudos to you for dealing with a frog, but then againi dont like small animals…

  19. Hi,

    An interesting subject, and a great picture. Very well taken. Nice shot. If not telling me that this is a toad, I would never figure out by myself. I was just wondering if the background is original or if it was modified.


    • John, that is not modified. I took the picture holding the toad in my left hand, shooting the pic in my right. The camera aperture was wide open, so the green grass behind the toad was completely blurred out.

  20. I would never guessed that was a toad or part thereof. You shot one great image. You could of said they were alien hands and it would have seemed plausible. Thank you for sharing this image and exactly what it was that you shot.

  21. Oh dont kid yourself! Mr. Toad knows he looks hndasome and “toadly”. (thats opposed to “manly”..) Beautiful spring pictures and I love the flowers and plants so much. In Indpls, its so lush and green from the rain…just almost tropical. I’m not gonna complain…before long its all gonna be dormant and covered with the white stuff again!

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