To the Beach

foot prints

This photo is from the archive, but I’m just back from some well needed R&R at the beach. More on that later – I’m anxious to get back to work, and the day is young, so I’m headed into the office with a great attitude and a fresh tan (even wearing SPF 50 sun screen you still catch some rays).


  1. Shantelle Broze says:

    So, nice footprints. It looks so cute., You get the right angle.

  2. I like the shot you’ve posted. Great selection of picture. I am looking forward for more wonderful post to pin.

  3. Kerry Donaldson says:

    The photo above makes me miss being on the beach. It is very beautiful. Nice footprints.

  4. Very nice shot of footprints, Whenever I walk on beaches either I drag my leg or stamp hard & make various designs. The picture is wonderful the background, the angle and light all are just perfectly blended. Good shot, thanks for sharing.

  5. The shining golden sand, the little footsteps and this makes a perfect Sunday evening beach picture when the sun is about to set. I must appreciate your wonderful sense of photography and ofcourse the camera you use for such beautiful pictures to come to life.

  6. A perfect background colour, a perfect setting and perfect effects makes this picture beautiful and attracts attention quickly. This picture is very much soothing and I could not get off my eyes from it for a few seconds which I spent understanding the minute perfections.

  7. Interesting photo, I would add a little contrast.

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