Time on my Hands

The January Monthly Scavenger Hunt had a topic, “Time on my Hands.” I was thinking of the sands of the hourglass and such, and ended up with this photo.


  1. Jane Holiday says:

    Hello.. i visit your site often.. and am aways amazed with your pictures.. were you the one who took all the photos on your posts? they seemed so real.. i bet you are a photographer or if not, studied photography before.. :) a good camera and a skilled person who is using the camera can do great wonders.. :)

    • Jane – you flatter me! I’m a business person with a camera… sometimes they come out really great, and sometimes I’m frustrated, but I figured if I committed to posting a new picture every day, I would force myself to get more practice, and thus become a better photographer.

      And with the exception of this image, in which I am the model, I took almost everything. Claire took this one for me.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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