Things that make you cry…

Things that make you cry

Another photo from my sister’s wedding – things that make you cry. Onions and weddings.

We had hor dourves prior to the wedding, and this happy couple beat my sister and her beau to it. They graced an onion dip of sort as a garnish… it was good.


  1. Marshall Miller says:

    Are these seriously onions? I usually see round onions in my house. But whatever they are, you have surely used amazing creativity to depict a couple on it. I just love the hair. Girls with spike cut are no longer seen anywhere. I myself tried to depict a couple using two fingers but without the hair. So it seems your picture looks much much better and the net thing is looking a lot like a wedding gown. Overall an amazing click. Sure to bring tears in many eyes.

  2. You are absolutely right. It does make me cry whenever I see a couple getting married or a baby born. I just cant control my emotions at these particular times. You have used such good imagination and creativity to depict a married couple using onions and a few materials here and there. Must be sad for you as it is just a matter of time when your sister will be going to her new home with her husband. But I guess pictures like these can be kept in memory and cherished for life.

  3. I actually liked the creativity you used to get this picture. Representing just married couple with the help of onions is something really amazing! I liked couple’s hairstyle, which I think is unable usually to get with the help of our fingers. Also the caption here really complements the picture in different perspective for me. It makes me think of the married life from husband’s view. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. very funny, amazing picture + title. I like it and share in FB.

  5. My friends also like it.

  6. Funny picture. I don’t know why but this picture reminds me the work of Martin Parr. Is it the kitsch or the colors? Maybe both. Martin Parr has a critical documentary photography, yours is also documentary, but souvenir.

  7. What a lovely creation, Instead that I will cry for that unions i will prefer keep in smile with it and used it as decoration in my kitchen.

  8. I am in love with the way you have drwan the girl’s eyes. Its exactly how it seems and I can actually imagine a girl getting married and feeling all shy and scared and on the other hand the guy looks confident with round open eyes as its always is. Really great imagination Ronald. Hoe your sister is having a great time at her wedding and I am sure you must be busy getting everything clicked because everything just seems so much beautiful in weddings.

  9. Sweet. A garnish topping depicting the new couple. A very ingenious use of the vegetables. And on top of that you did a great job in capturing them. My compliments.

  10. I wasn’t expecting that onions could be this great if done perfectly with creativity.

  11. Lovely couple. I am sure that your sister and brother-in-law also made an awesome couple. More than anything else, I liked the concept of dressing up onions as a couple, great and unique way of celebrating. Cute, artistic and out of the box thinking. Well done to the person who thought about the concept and to you for choosing to click and share it here.

  12. A lot of things that can make people cry..Thank you for sharing this inspiring post to us..

  13. Nicholle Olores says:

    We tend to cry when someone that we love and close to our hearts will find their way to make another life with the one they love. I love the bride and the groom onions.

  14. I really like our idea of using onions to depict a couple. The male looks like a real gentleman. What have you used for the bow? The picture quality is superb. I just love the background and the color combination and everything. Keep posting more from your sisters wedding. It would be amazing to see more of it.

  15. Things that make you cry is really a great caption for this picture. I agree with you both onions and weddings both make a person cry. I think you have depicted the best creativity in this picture. The whole concept of making a couple from onions is truly amazing. I also liked the embellishment work which you have done with them. Good job! Thanks for sharing!

  16. The idea is very unique and the photo was taken in a great manner. I think it’s really cute. You made it unique yet sweet. Where did you get this inspiration?

    Thanks for sharing your creativity.

    Lea Dee

  17. Haha what a cute idea! I love how creative people can be sometimes! And nice photo too by the way. You are really good at getting closeups of small things like this, I really like how it makes the subject seem so important. Like in this shot, the onion people almost feel like a real couple getting married lol

  18. First time on your blog, and I’m impressed! Cool photo, and I love the backstory! Such a cute decoration, so creative! They look like a really happy onion couple lol I can’t wait to check out your other posts!

  19. What an adorable couple of onions! I had no idea there are so many ways to use onions. So far they only made me smile!

  20. Valentine’s day is not about flashy things and stuff made of reads. After seeing this picture that you put up, I took inspiration from this and went on to make something similar for my partner and I must say she was blown away by the concept and the effort I put in. I saw what your title came to mean. A pun on cry because of the onions, but my partner was crying literally by the show of effort from me.

  21. Even though I don’t believe in love much, I still kept staring at your picture for 5 minutes. Its a very cute imagination and the couple looks fantastic together. I really like it when people get married as its usually a life time commitment but these days even this commitment falls short. Wishing your sister a happily married life and thanks for a great upload.

  22. Pictures stand a lifetime, I must say that your sister and brother-in-law’s marriage has been made immortal by your post. A pretty looking couple who are also cute. Well done and pretty picture and couple. Must say that the person who thought about it has really been observing and thinking out of the box. Things like this make people cry, my wife did after seeing this post. Great job.

  23. These onion couples really make a cute couple. I liked the creativity used in decorating them. By looking at bride’s eyes it seems that she is feeling very happy with the marriage. And groom’s eyes depict that he is very much cool with the wedding. I also liked the way you have taken the shot. Focusing just the two and with the green background is truly amazing!

  24. This is really, really nice! A DIY onion wedding cake topper! ? This can never be topped on the cake but on a meat pie? Definitely! So cute!

  25. this is great. they look so happy

  26. Marriage is an institution that I do not believe much in. But pictures like this makes me believe in the magic and the wonders that the institution is all about. I think that the picture really is awesome and cute. A rare mix, but one that made a tear come to my eye. Lovely onion couple. Wishing your sister and her husband a happy married life.

  27. I think the hair of the couple is the best part in this couple. I am impressed with the level of your imagination! You have depicted the whole concept of married life in a very creative way. The embellishments which you have used to decorate them are very beautiful. The color combination is also attractive. Thanks for sharing such beautiful shot!

  28. A lot of things that make me cry..Sometimes I cry when I feel so sad I think my family..

  29. Melanie Hunt says:

    That was a very innovative idea. Marriage bring with it many tear but a great deal more joy.

  30. Many things make people cry. I think the thing that works well here for you is the way you have managed to use a picture that is not that easy to see here. People are used to the cliched things in a wedding. But here you have broken the stereotype and taken it to another level with this picture. Keep it up. Cheers.

  31. The way you have used your creativity to represent a couple is truly impressive! I would have not been able to do such fantastic job with onions. I think you have made justice in showing the concept of marriage with this shot. Onion couple is also best dressed and best accessorized too. The black bow on the groom and the accessories on the bride have added more value to the beauty of the couple. Thanks for sharing!

  32. Cute photography I must say. Really brilliant of you to depict a couple on onions. I must say a photographer doesn’t only need photography skills, but also creativity which plays a huge factor in deciding what impression the picture makes on its viewers and your photo has made a big impression on me. Its remarkable and I would love to see more of such creative pictures rather than moths.

  33. Its always sad to see a couple getting married as it reminds me of my sister who got married last year and had to shift with her husband to Australia who is working there. At one point of time, I felt like saying no for her marriage as I could never see her go so far away from me but it was her life and all I wanted was to see her happy. Hope your sister stays close by you after she gets married. Maybe you should gift this actual model in the picture to your sister. She would love it.

  34. Yes, onions make me cry…all the time. Weddings? I cried when my older sister told me she was getting married. Beautiful, touching love stories make me cry. There are lots of things that make me cry. It’s ok to cry. Crying cleanses our eyes!

  35. Great concept Ronald. I am impressed by the creativity. Just shows that a little bit of planning and thought process can produce amazing results.

  36. The picture is so adorable.. Weddings should be a very happy event.. :)

  37. Dolly Stuart says:

    This is such a lovely photograph. They are really very cute to have been able to beat your sister and her beau.

    Great job with that capture. It got a big smile on my face.

    Thanks for sharing.


  38. Nice, has me chuckling. Good photo too.

  39. This is humorous! :) Onions can really did make you cry.. ? Thanks for sharing..

  40. Aw! That was so cute! :) That is so creative!

  41. I want to know what’s the most unusual thing that has made you cry. When have you surprised yourself by suddenly welling up about something you wouldn’t expect to? and A wedding is one.

  42. It´s such a lovely photo. So cute. I got a big smile on my face. Thank you for sharing this to us.

  43. Love it! Onion art! Whatever next….?

  44. Haha what a lovely idea…so creative! I never thought to use onions this way ?

  45. Lol, I could have thought of thousands of other things just by reading the title, yet not at newlyweds onions :)
    I can see your sister had quite a special wedding theme, so I wish her for quite a happy and special marriage

  46. …and a very hot curry for the wedding breakfast? Actually that dude looks just like me with the cool spikey hair look going on. I love how much wedding stuff is fashioned into brides and grooms these days – balloons, cake toppers, I’ve even seen an ice sculpture recently! My personal favourite is the fun you can have with a bald groom – a perfectly round headed icing groom cake topper is always hilarious.

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