The Baker’s Ring

The other day I was making pizza dough, and coated my hands with flour before remembering to take my ring off. I slid it across the counter (get it away from the dough – no one wants to find that in their pizza). We thought the flour trail looked cool, so here’s a photo.

If you look closely, you can see my fingerprint (in flour) on the side of the ring.


  1. When I first saw the ring, I thought that was your sister’s marriage ring which you ended up putting in the pizza dough. It was really very shocking for me but once I read the info, I felt better. This is the common mistake I make while making pizza dough and I have to sit and wash my ring every time it happens. Never thought of anyone who would take a click of this. It surely is an excellent picture with details as fine as your finger prints.

    • Heh… I think we’re done with wedding photos here. There is a tie in, but I’m waiting to see if I can get someone else’s photos before I tell that story. Stay tuned…

  2. There’s something special int his photo, maybe it’s the fact that you created this ring out of accident. I mean if you didn’t forget to remove it before you started baking, how can you possibly create a baker’s ring as perfect as this one?

  3. Haha I had the same thought as Wayne when I first saw this photo. You can totally see your fingerprint in flour on the ring, and the trail does look pretty cool. My favorite part about this shot is that you can make out the individual grains of flour, which you can’t normally distinguish.

  4. Photography is one of my hobbies now because it just give so much spice to life rather than being in computer all day. This is a definite example of a good relaxation. The photo looks amazing by the way, it really gives meaning and depth to the experience.

  5. This is truly a fascinating image. Regardless of the hows and whys, I just wanted to look at it. I think the trail really makes the image because it gives it the spontaneous, candid feel. Really great work.

  6. I think it looks more like sugar than flour, honey …. nice photo

  7. Lesson learned. Remove all the accessories.

  8. Awesome image! I’m a big fan of closeup and macro photography and this ring shot with a trail of flour is a really cool image. I dig your work!

  9. Akbar Rosarium says:

    The photo looks awesome.It reminds me of doing the same task a month ago when i was making pizza dough and forgot to remove my favourite ring.It was presented to me on a very special occasion by someone special in my life and its an unforgettable moment in my life.

  10. I liked the photography. Even I forget to take my ring off while I’m making a dough and it happened many times with me.

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