I do enjoy a nice snake every now and again. Especially when I know the serpent in question cannot hurt me. This is a harmless Garter Snake. We found Sumo playing with it on the drive way about ten days ago. Back before it started snowing in New Hampshire.

I was really quite happy with half a dozen shots I got from this fellow, so here’s a larger set than normal. Please enjoy!

All were shot with a Nikkor 105mm micro lens and SB700 fired through an umbrella for lighting. I took these shots outside after dark, so the black you see here is just my back yard.


  1. What the…you held it in your hands? I’m not as scared of snakes as my wife, but I still can’t find the guts to hold it the way you did. Touch it with a finger tip maybe, but hold it, no way. No amount of saying ‘harmless’ can make me do that.

    Really vivid shot. Made me feel weird….err, okay, scared a bit. :)

    • Thanks, James… really not so bad once you figure out that even IF it bit you, you’d barely feel it. :)

      It doesn’t hurt that there is only one poisonous snake here where I live, and that one is a rattle snake. No rattle? Safe snake. Rattle? Stay away.

  2. I love snakes, we always had a lot of animals when I was growing up and we had a King snake for a while. My brother has a Hog’s Island boa that is simply beautiful. I’m surprised that snake was out so late in the year though, I know rattlesnakes come out usually in warm weather and I assumed most other snakes did as well. Those close ups are so neat, I love how clearly you can see every detail on him.

  3. Tracy Rhodes says:

    You take the best pics! It was a blistering 37° in Houston last night. I don’t know how I survive! Lol

  4. You captured it very clear, and those eyes of the snake, its lovely! I’m scared of snakes whether it’s so small, I look at them but I will never ever touch them, never….
    Angela Yount recently posted Singing Lesson In Los Angeles

  5. wow! it’s awesome! I just today photographed the snake in the mountains. The truth conditions were tough and because it did not work very well. I like it!

  6. Awsome man, the first picture makes the snake look big. I tried getting shots of snakes but didn’t have the right lens. But nice pictures keep em coming!
    Joey recently posted The Secrets of Lomo

  7. hahaha! I loaded the pages the same time as I called my wife! She screamed and gave me a knuckle barrage! That was so good! Damn, it hurt!
    edmond recently posted Panic Attack Bbc Programme

  8. The picture with that forked tongue is awesome. Reminds me to use the burst mode often.
    Eric recently posted BESTSELLERS: Top Selling Waterproof Cameras Chart for November

  9. These are all great (as all of your pictures are!), but I think my favorite would have to be the one where the snake is heading towards the camera, it’s kind of eery, like a scene from the movie “Anaconda” (meant in a complimentary way, that movie was rather forgetful overall). The snake looks as if it’s going to come right out of my computer screen. I know garters aren’t dangerous but still a bit spooky.

  10. Hello James! You captured the snake perfectly. Nice pictures, but I don’t think I can do that by myself. I am really afraid of snakes. Gosh! I could die if I see one.
    Jasper recently posted Some Common Diseases That Can Affect Your Young Arowana

  11. As I look at my monitor, a sudden chill went down my spine since it is as if I am looking at a real live snake in front of me! Whew! Thank God this is just a pic!

  12. I can actually feel the slimy scales!!! (goosebumps!)

  13. Wow great set, thanks! I really really love the close ups, they are so excellent! It’s like the snake is right there, I can almost touch it. And I like the shot of your hand because it shows how small the snake actually is. Great work!!

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