Summertime Peas


One of my favorite things about summer? Fresh peas! They’re so good! Here’s a photo of peas freshly picked from the J & F Farms down the road. I love the way they taste, and always take a few samples while I’m prepping them.





  1. Richard says:

    You have presented it very well. My mouths becomes watery looking at those fresh peas.

  2. # 1 fan says:

    hey, I found the comment box on your new site!! I do like the site, altho the slide show takes a bit of getting used to…. but just yesterday someone told me that one can add peas to avacado and etc if one is short on avacado and needs more guac …. I’m not at all sure why one would really want to do that, but maybe you could try it and let me know… ?? lol.
    great pic!

    • Heyyyyy, glad you found it! Did you see how I wrote the comment policy box with you in mind? :)

      I don’t think the redesign is keeping many people from the comment section. At least, I hope not. The slide show is certainly a big change, but I really felt like I wanted my home page to be about the photos, and designed it thusly.

      As for peas in the guacamole, I think not.

      • # 1 fan says:

        I did see your comment policy had me in mind, and you know I’m just technically challenged enough to be out of the loop of the rest of the people on your blog.

        yeah, no, I agree, no peas in guacamole. ugh, who’s idea was that? not as bad as the mayo and chopped boiled eggs a friend of your mother’s in your mid school years liked to put in hers, tho…. !!

  3. For some reason they look kinda of cute

  4. Love the color here – the green is SO green! Now I kind of want some peas, myself. :)

  5. What a beautifully green photograph! I love the vibrancy, great work!

  6. I love green, any shade, any time and this is so perfect!!! I know they are just peas, but they slight changes in the shades makes the photo very beautiful .:)

  7. I often see seeds of peas but I never seen a fresh peas. Its so lovely.

  8. Oh jeez.. I feel so refreshed with the pretty green peas! I’m a vegan so I really really like it!
    You made my day complete for this pic.. I love it! What’s on my mind today, is making it as my desktop wallpaper! What do you think?

  9. I can almost reach into your picture and take up a pea. I love the texture of this one color. Amazing.

  10. Heather Smith says:

    Nice picture! you certainly have an eye on taking photos, I could almost see the freshness of the peas and the colors is so real, do you also take pictures of people?

  11. It really feels great to grow your own functional plants! Feels more natural in many ways. I am currently growing tomatoes and ruccola on my porch!

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