Stuffed Animals

smiling animal

One of the clues for the March monthly photo scavenger hunt on Flickr is “smiling animal.” I’m trying to figure out lighting, so this was a fun effort.


  1. I personally feel that if you should have had a much bigger depth of field for this pic. Especially with the poor light in the background. I understand your concept of making one animal to be on focus which syncs well with the title smiling animal. Hope you take this sportively. I just shared my thought.

  2. Craig,

    Welcome to the site!

    You’re suggesting you would have liked the photo more if the animals in the background were more in focus, I believe.

    I actually did it this way on purpose, including the portion of the photo in the back having less light. It was a combination of natural and added light, and I used the widest aperture I could get on that lens to produce a shallow depth of focus.

    Thanks for offering your opinion on the photo. I hope you’ll become a regular visitor!

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