Street View

A little on the abstract side, this net of colorful shapes was found over a street in down-town Boston.


  1. hmmm. simple play of abstract.

  2. Wow, this abstract art is amazing that too it was formed on a net. I actually thought it was a decorating element for a party or occasion, but it is just a net with different shapes stuck to it. To top it, your photography has brought out its natural beauty and given it a different perspective.

  3. Lovely. Sometimes simple ideas make the best photographs – I love going out around town just shooting, looking for these sorts of shots – hope to get one as good as this one day!

  4. Where this pic was taken?

  5. Nice picture, lovely colors. I’m glad to see you are still blogging!

  6. Loved it tho I need a bit more focus. Or I just need to go out a bit more and shoot as well ?

  7. Nice colors. It is amazing how what you find when you take time to look. I probably would walk by and never see this shot. I think some people have a talent and gift for this, but I do think it is something that can be developed as well. eric@photography tips.

  8. I like when you take the time to notice small and beautiful things around you in the city. This is a great example.

  9. @kenneth, yes it’s a simple play of abstract, but this simple play make a beautiful picture. Great job!

  10. As simple as this piece of art may seem, it surely does stimulate imagination. Once I`ve taken a look at it, I could not stop thinking of celestial entities. I find it that it is pretty amazing how it captures the light!

  11. This one also very interesting photo. It is hard to describe but keep us watching for minutes… Nice

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