Still life with lag bolts

A group of freshly painted black lag bolts inspired me this morning. This set of shots is kind of what I had in mind when I started shooting photos. I’m really pleased with how they turned out.


  1. mama-san(se) says:


  2. Baba Ron says:

    “It sounds like a life time undertaking” – Lag bolts on vacation – oh, no, he said “lag bolts at various locations” (sorry)… Lag bolt/ gumby animations. Lag bolt costume contests. Lag bolt weather forecasts (if they’re wet, it’s raining. If they’re white, it’s snowing, unless you can’t even see them, then it’s a blizzard), lag bolt sandwiches… OK, this scribe quits!! (mom)

  3. mom says:

    what’s with the “huh” twitter???!! OK, one more from Ron: “Lag bolt Stonehenge”. :) ))))))
    uh, one more: “in famous speeches” (“4 score and 7 lag bolts ago”….) (complete with top hat)

    I do like how they seem to be standing in formation, like soldiers on assignment …. OR “lag bolt marching band”

  4. anonymous says:

    I love this!! Your blog is “musings from the mind of…” and here we are Amusing ourselves with the lag blots – uh, bolts. Lag bolts among the maple leaves. Lag bolts on parade. Lag bolts and the fungi. Lag bolts and Sumo, twin sentinels. Lag bolts vs demolition derby: the ultimate throw down!!! Lag bolts: not for human consumption (robots & power tools apply at window on left).
    Who else is out there and wants on the lag bolt band wagon ? oh, some people are so easily amused, muses or not.

  5. James says:

    @Mom: Huh.

    @Dad (Ron): Always with the puns!!!

    @Anonymous: I actually changed the byline recently, but it seems that you are enjoying the blog, so welcome. ;-)

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