Squash Blossom (Boys?)

My sister and brother-in-law hired the Squash Blossom Boys to play their wedding (above). Singer Dustin Orbeson plays the mandolin (above) and is seen in black and white below.

My uncle said he would never have chosen a blue grass group for a wedding… but it worked (above: Dustin Orbeson, and Kit Murray’s banjo (left side of the photo is the end of the banjo, the tuning screws). This photo was taken by fire light. There was a small fire outside the tent, and the band hung around outside for a bit before going on to play.

Here’s Kyle Malone, also by fire light:

Anyhow, back to what my uncle said. A blue grass band at a wedding? It worked. It really worked.

For those who really want  a glimpse into my personal life, check out this track by the Avett Brothers. A January wedding? I’m in. Especially if my family is involved. This song plays on my iPod at least once a week. To my sister, whom I adore without question: thank you for inviting me to your January wedding.

Last picture from the night: new bass player Maren Hatch. Is a name change in order? :)


  1. Carol Hong says:

    The portraits that you have clicked are really good looking. I must say awesome photography. I have attended a few workshops on photography and have heard that in a portrait as an artist you attempt to capture the puncture of a person and portray their deepest feelings in it. I must say that the eyes of the people in the pictures tell the stories. Great work.

  2. awwwww, you’re gonna make me cry all over again!! thanks for sharing the memories

  3. I really love blue grass bands. The bass player is really cute :)
    PS. Great photos!

  4. I really like the black and white picture of the guy in the hat. It surely is an amazing click and it just feel more smooth and calm whenever I see a band picture in black and white layout. It must have been real fun to see the band perform live as it is in my list of favorite bands as well.

  5. Squash Blossom Boys really left a kind of music that touch everyone’s heart.. I hope I can see and jam with them personally.

  6. I liked the portrait photography which you have taken in fire light. It really enhances the one’s features. One thing about portrait photography I like is that it captures the real emotions of a person. Also by looking at the picture I think the Squash Blossom Boys must have been able to entertain the guests at your sister’s wedding. The expressions on thier faces are truly amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  7. The photos are definitely awesome!I am one of their fans and I want to thank you for this post…

  8. This kind of portraits is really awesome..I am really amaze how you do this kind of beautiful photograph..

  9. What a lovely collection, photography is really beautiful on its concept…

  10. Thanks for the collection you have shared us here…I like reading it…

  11. Nicole Schuman says:

    The photos where shot and edited perfectly! And yeah, there’s no harm in trying a blue grass band for a wedding. Great job! Thank you for sharing this…

  12. Squash Blossom Boys band seems fun! They must have showcased their best talent at your sister’s wedding. By looking at the expressions of their faces it seems they were enjoying to the fullest while playing. The shots which you have shared with us are very beautiful. The shot in black and white and the shots taken in fire light are just amazing!

  13. reposting to comply with your comment policy, good post, love the black and white and sepia post processing, keep up the good posts.

  14. Hi…I hope you can update your post here…We like hearing more of you…

  15. The captured is really cool, its really beautiful on its black and white combination…

  16. Katharina25 says:

    It’s great to have some memories like this. You can watch the photos and play the videos over and over again. I love the photos too! But I’m looking for the couple’s photos?

  17. Lesley Luiz says:

    Those are some of the most wonderful portraits I’ve come across.

    Thanks for sharing.


  18. Gabriela Battani says:

    Beautiful Photos

  19. Hi there,
    Love Blue Grass at weddings or any other time. The photography is beautiful. The lighting is awesome. Your Sister has to be pleased.

  20. Nicholle Olores says:

    Wow! I love the portraits you always made here. I love the January wedding song, very pleasant to listen.

  21. I love this kind of portraits..You really did a great photography in here..thank you for sharing this to us..

  22. Hi there, I really like the photos you have shared in this post and I am their number one fan too…I can’t wait to visit your next post…

  23. Nicole Schuman says:

    Cool! Everything is so nice specially the photos. love it! Thanks for sharing

  24. Your pictures are really fantastic. How did you manage to take a photo with a dim light? I’d like to explore that aspect of photography. The boys awesome.


  25. I think I will be more excited to read your next post here…Thanks a lot for this one…

  26. Shelby Ryan says:

    That was really a blue music for a wedding.. Girl I am jealous. Wonderful choice of band. Congratulation on your wedding.

  27. Samantha32 says:

    How I wish you can visit and be my special guest in my march wedding! I am pretty sure that my wedding will become colorful…

  28. I can’t wait to witness the great performance of band, I know that they are outstanding and have an excellent did..

  29. Devhonn says:

    They are awesome!I am hoping that I can witness them perform live…Thanks for the photos…

  30. I really love this kind of portraits and you really did a great photography in here. Thank you for post and for sharing this to us..

  31. Rose.Ann says:

    I wan’t something more about this band, I want to have fun with their musical condition… :)

  32. Wow cool pics! And I think it was a great idea to have a bluegrass band, they are so fun! It sounds like the wedding was a blast, congrats to your sister :)

  33. Nicholas says:

    I don’t have much knowledge about portraits and photography but I can say to click these kinds of photos we need to have a deep knowledge and should have that magic in our hands. Wonderful photos, Thanks for sharing and I’m curious to see your next post.

  34. How I wish I can witness the beautiful action of ” squash blossom boys band” they are really nice…

  35. Squash Blossom boy band is lovely cool, I can’t wait to witness and amazed again with their performance…

  36. I think it was a great idea to have a bluegrass band, they are so fun! It sounds like the wedding was a blast. thanks.

  37. Hi really enjoyed reading your post.
    Yhe question about what music to have at a wedding is,a really personal one. Catering for the majority I suppose is the best way for succes. No good if you like heavy metal and 90% of the guests like country. You get a metal band yes you are happy. Gut prob not a good atmosphere with nearly all the others not.but if you get a band that goes down well even if you don’t really like the style of music. Happy guests make a happy atmosphere which makes a special accession very special.

    Thanks again.

  38. Michelle says:

    I’m sure grateful you made me discover this band :) They have such sensitive lyrics. Too bad that the music we nowadays have has taken a totally different direction. We rally need more bands like Squash Blossom!

  39. Blue Grass is awesome. On paper it never sounds like it will work in a lot of situations, but it always does. I haven’t heard the Squash Blossom Boys live, but there are a lot of other great bands that have made perfect additions to weddings. Very cool stuff.

  40. Nice photos. Bands can make wedding functions more beautiful. And your sister and brother- in -law utilized that. I bet you guys had a nice experience.

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