Soldier’s Monument in Chester, New Hampshire

I needed a picture for the Chester, New Hampshire Flickr group, and thought Soldier’s Monument would be a good one. There’s a fantastic write up of the monument’s history available at; if you have any interest in this monument, I highly recommend it.

Larger images available on Flickr.


  1. Renee @ Car Title Loans says:

    I was looking of the different meanings of statues and came across this one. I have so much respect for soldiers to decide to fight for our country..

  2. My cousin just showed me a picture of this when she went to New Hampshire for some business meeting. The only difference is that there were leaves on the trees :) Great statue.

  3. Amy @ Car Lease Return says:

    I love looking at architecture and I love the detail on this statue. From his mustache to the wrinkles of his jacket. Thanks for the share.

  4. As monuments go, it’s a nice design

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