They say that in 140 years of recorded history, there has not been more snow in the state of New Hampshire in the month of October.

We took eight inches of snow, and while the phone company continues to deliver service in the face of every storm, the electric company is saying this will be another multi-day event. As in, no power for at least several days, maybe more. No heat. We can see our breath inside the house… ugh.

Fortunately, we have a generator, and that means the lights are mostly on, and we can cook our meals in “comfort.”

Worst case scenario, we have shelter out in the back yard.



  1. sounds brutal… we’re sunny and 65 today, so I really can only imagine.
    weather channel photos all difficult to process for October, anytime!
    forecast weather map says northern US “wetter and colder than normal”; southern US “dryer and warmer”. ugh, how can we meet in the middle??!!

    I’m having trouble with perspective on the photos…. snow cave entrance?
    Is the purple thing with hair a person crawling out? what’s the brown thing? lantern inside?
    hopefully someone had fun and stayed warm building it!! does it come with hot chocolate?

    • Yes, the entrance. That purple thing is V’s coat… she’s crawling out. :-D

      If you stop by, we’ll make sure there is hot chocolate!

      • when I get my transporter working, or my jet pack, or find the right ‘wrinkle in time’, I’ll be there!!
        hooray for electricity!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heat??

  2. Good and beautiful photos i like it thanks)) Its real amazing!)

  3. And here i complain every single morning i’m leaving home for work. Great photos but…not so great situation you have there,hope everything is ok afterall.

    • It’s getting better every day, George. Late last night, the power came back on, and today is supposed to be above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so the snow should melt quite a bit.

  4. I could NOT figure out what that first picture was- didn’t make sense until I saw the second one and realized someone was coming out of an igloo, or whatever that is. Haha. I hope your house isn’t under there! I LOVE the snow but HATE the cold…not sure how to get around that. I don’t mind bundling up nice and warm and jumping in the snow though, who doesn’t love making snowmen and snow angels? That’s kinda scary that there’s soo much snow in October though, I wonder what that means November and December!

  5. Wow, it looks really… Impressive :o
    Gladly, you have a generator.
    Anyway, the pictures are really cool !
    Lemerou recently posted Old Pictures from Laos

  6. Sounds terrible! Thanks goodness for the generator. As long as there’s fuel, you can stay warm and survive the snow.

  7. Very cool pics! Glad to see you were able to have at least a little fun despite the cold and lack of electricity! Nice igloo by the way, I remember building snow forts as a kid and making an igloo is harder than you would think!

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