Birds in Flight


We had some pretty decent late snow storms this winter, and on one of the days, I tried my hand at catching the birds as they flew too and from the bird feeder. I was not as successful as I would have liked! Here are two that weren’t all together bad.

Winter Corn

winter corn

I lived most of my life in Arizona, where you can grow corn all winter long. Here in New Hampshire, this is what the corn looks like in January… This image was taken with me bending all the way down to the ground, the camera just a few inches above the snow.



They say that in 140 years of recorded history, there has not been more snow in the state of New Hampshire in the month of October. We took eight inches of snow, and while the phone company continues to deliver service in the face of every storm, the electric company is saying this will be […]

Rubber and Steel

It’s a little warm in New Hampshire for snow chains, but that’s what these are. Picture a salad plate… that’s how large the two big rings on these chains are. I can only imagine what a set of snow chains like these cost! I took this photo on a piece of old logging equipment that […]

Stop (snowing)

Stop Snowing

Two photos from April Fools’ Day 2011. The birch trees in the second photo are bowed down to the ground with the weight of the wet snow. Crazy weather!

New England Spring


It’s a long winter. Photo from the first days of “spring” in New England.

Snow Day

throwing snow

By the time we got done clearing the drive way and paths, plus dug out the mail box, I estimate we moved over seven tons of snow yesterday. Just a few photos from the day.

Snow Puppy


Here’s a photo of a dog from Tennessee – enjoying her first winter as she plays in the snow.

Snow Thrower (for sale)

heated grips

Troybilt 28 inch two stage snow thrower with electronic start and heated hand grips – for sale here. I’ve made a couple attempts to revive it, all to no avail.

Winter Storm

winter storm

A photograph of the snow falling on the trees in a clearing in the woods. Looks cold – refreshing on a hot day.