Snow Puppy

For being a dog from Tennessee, she sure does like snow. One of her favorite games is to have snow thrown at her, which she either tries to catch or runs away.

She’s really enjoying winter…


  1. Where in Tennessee is she from?

    • No idea – she was found, with two others, on the side of the road. An adoption agency in New England brought her up here for us to adopt her.

      • That is amazing. I have been checking out dogs for my son, and I have been using petfinder. I am trying to find one of the least allergic reacting dogs, so the list of choices is short. Most of the ones that I find are in other parts of the country.

        I was curious, as I live in Tennessee. Depending on what area she was located would determine whether she saw snow. I live in the mountainous area, and we do not get the big snows like in New England, but we usually have at least one good one a year. And, yes, it is true….We do not know how to drive in the snow, and everything does come to a stop until it melts. lol

      • Check out Proverbs 12:10, that’s the group that managed Abigail’s adoption from Tennessee. I’m sure they’d love to help you find a dog. I don’t know exactly where they are, but I can say they were very easy to work with.

        In Abigail’s case, no way she saw snow in Tennessee, but that’s just because she was born in the late spring and moved to New England in late summer. :-D

  2. That looks like great doggie fun! We don’t have snow here in South Africa where I live, but I can just imagine that the Labrador I used to have, would have loved playing in it!

  3. That’s cute. What kind of a dog is she? I can’t really guess her breed because of the snow covering her. I also like dogs and I like playing with them. Maybe I should also try the snow throwing games you’ve mentioned.

  4. Great picture! That does is certainly having fun :)

    On a photography note, it looks like you’re a couple of stops under-exposed. Any time that snow is a major part of your composition, you should consider using exposure compensation to correct the situation ahead of time (by adding +1 to +2 stops). That will help you keep from losing the details of the dark parts (like the dog) into the murky shadows.

    I think that I have a video somewhere about correcting snow shots like this one…

    – Matt

    (video link on youtube: )

    • Good video. I did some similar adjustments – but I use Lightroom as opposed to Photoshop. I added about 0.75 to exposure; anything else created too much noise in the image.

      I just don’t know how to use PS yet, so any attempts there just add too much to my post-processing time.

  5. is it real? the puppy is so funny, I like it.

  6. Alec Rowan says:

    At first glance on the smaller picture it looked like a dolphin… was that do buried or something?

  7. Liewilyn Baynosa says:

    Damn its cold out there… Didn’t you gave him a jacket or something?

  8. Aww! She looks like how my dog gets when I spray him with the hose. He goes crazy and tries to bite the water. Is that snow stuffed in her mouth? Great shot since she’s black and the contrast with the snow makes us able to see all of her.

  9. Eric Graham says:

    Hey James,

    That was a really nice dog you got there. Would love to have one too. I have a cat but now thinking about having a dog too.

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