Snow Day

Hard to say exactly how much snow we got over the course of 24 hours this week, but my best estimate is 18 inches (or about 65 cm). By the time we got done clearing the drive way and paths, plus dug out the mail box, I estimate we moved over seven tons of snow yesterday. Just a few shots from the day.


  1. Your pictures look just like the scene from our house this week. We couldn’t keep up with the snow. Every time we would clear the snow, it would start again and our work was gone. This winter has been quite challenging, but we’ve all been there before. Thanks for the pictures, they really capture what is going on.

  2. This year has been mind boggling in the weather department. Atlanta was a mess, and they just don’t have the abilities to deal with that kind of storm.

  3. TJ McDowell says:

    Crazy equipment in that first pic. You guys must get quite a bit to have that on hand.

  4. At first I’ve been scared with last photo, it looks like the man came at least from really high-mountain place.

    Impressive one, anyway!

  5. First… the geek in me just couldn’t let it pass: 18 inches is about 45cm :)

    Anyway, cool pictures! Did you use exposure compensation on these ones? Would have been a perfect time for it. Sometimes, with snow pictures, especially when the scene was a little dark, I like to shift the color balance in the lighter tones slightly to the blue side, to elevate the impression of cold. That might be fun to try with photos like this, too.

    – Matthew Gore

  6. You have a lot of snow and us, in Romania, have not at all. I know isn`t easy with so much snow, but personally I like it too much.

  7. Ugh. Is this winter over yet? Good luck, everyone.

  8. Woah.. That sure is a lot of snow in there. Im pretty impressed for the pictures taken. Its quite difficult to take pictures during a winter snow. Aside from its very cold outside it’s hard to handle shaky cold hands with the camera.

  9. Liewilyn Baynosa says:

    That was one freezing day :D

  10. As I was watching your 3 pictures above, I was also freezing here. Hate that season sometime cos my back is always aching during winter argg!.

  11. Snow day is really worst at your place right? By the way as I watch that pictures above I realize howhard it is to experience snow but still I want to experience with it!

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