Blue Skies


From a recent walk-about in Boston. Haven’t seen a blue sky in several days, so I’m thumbing through the photo archives to get some sunshine.

Tree, Sky


Back in New Mexico, the skies still know how to share blue, and even though it’s winter, there is still some warmth to be found.

Guest Post: Shooting the Moon


Here’s a guest post with some information on how to take great moon shots. To start with – you need a long lens. This was taken with a 300 mm lens, and it’s still not the most detailed image ever. I think something in the 600 mm range probably works best. Other specs on this […]

Night Sky

Night Sky

Today’s entry to Black and White week brings us an image of the night sky – but no stars. See how black and white processing can make a misty evening seem more dramatic.

International Space Station


All it took was a little knowledge, a tripod, a camera, and an alarm clock. Here are several shots I took of the International Space Station this morning from my back yard as it flew by.



Sunshine streams through the clouds in this photograph from New England.

Brown Pelicans Hunting


Not just synchronized pelicans… I have photos of hunting pelicans. Click the pic to see ‘em!

Baby Turtles Sleep Here

Sea Grass on Ocracoke Island

Photographs of Ocracoke Island’s beach, including a turtle nesting ground.

Water Tower, Sunset

ocracoke water tower

These are the last photos I will share of the sun setting over Ocracoke. Both of these were taken from the house’s widow’s walk.

Atlantic View


The last of the photos from the Rascal, Captain Norm’s fishing boat.