Tap-tap… is this thing on?


Testing. One, two. One, two. Check. Check. It’s working? Yes? Can you hear me in the back? I’ve been away for a while. How are things? How have you been? Did you miss the photos? I think everyone who runs a blog comes to a point where they reevaluate what they’re doing, why they’re doing […]

Lighthouse Steps

Hatteras Lighthouse Steps in Sepia

Photos of just a few of the 268 steps from the bottom to the top of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

Pepe and Pasquale


Just a couple of PUMA penguins looking for something to eat at the Naked Fish.

Sculptures at the Louvre

At the Louvre

A photo of one of the sculpture halls at the Musee Du Louvre in Paris, France.