Rubber and Steel

It’s a little warm in New Hampshire for snow chains, but that’s what these are.

Picture a salad plate… that’s how large the two big rings on these chains are. I can only imagine what a set of snow chains like these cost! I took this photo on a piece of old logging equipment that hasn’t been used since, well, at least last winter.


  1. chris @ wedding dresses says:

    I guess being in the middle of the summer, it’s impossible to guess this is actually snow chain. To me it Looks more like a Caribbean pirate treasure hunt. :)

  2. Roger @ sell used books says:

    Great shot, it kind of reminds me of old and new, the old chains put out to pasture yet the old tire still looks kind of new.

  3. Love the texture of this image. I think it will make a great black and white too.

  4. Enyko says:

    I am just a beginner in photography.I must say that this photo is really a beautiful image.I like that photograph very much.I like the way you have taken this photograph

  5. Roger @ sell used books says:

    I like this shot better in color it gave a more emotional reaction for me.

  6. Mindy @ Dematic Conveyor says:

    What a great picture! I’ve never had to use snow chains myself, but those look like they would get the job done just fine. I’m with Roger, though, I am a fan of the colored version – it really shows the contrast of the colors in the chain vs. the tires.

  7. Diane @ Title Loans says:

    I like the texture that the black and white photo turned out to show. Great photo (original and b/w) and I can only imagine how big the tire and how heavy the chain was.

  8. Jessica @ Is It Down says:

    I love the detail that the camera captured. From the rust spots to the different blues of the tire. My boyfriend is a photographer and I love seeing the end result of what each photographer sees. Nice!

  9. JohnMcGraw @ bestcamcordersunder1000 says:

    Looks like an expensive piece of modern art. Gorgeous photos, congrats.

  10. Dr. George Suarez @ hifu clinical trials says:

    That’s what we called Art. I like the black and white better. I can make a header out from it. Now, how cool is that? Keep them coming! Thank you.

  11. June @ Therapist New York says:

    Wow, those rings are the size of salad plates? The color of the rust on the chains is lovely. The picture is nice in color but it does make the textures really pop in the B&W version, makes the light look interesting, too.

  12. Karen @ seo los angeles says:

    Another very interesting shot! The original image is cool, but I have to say I’m so glad Mui made her comment. The black and white version is so great! The contrasting textures are much more obvious. Really great work!


  1. Crisis says:

    […] Unfortunately, every photo I took from May through October last year is gone, including some of my all time favorites. I’m still hoping to someday figure out how to recover them, but without […]

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