Riding the Claw

The kids rode this thing three times.

Me, I just watched.

I used to be quite the thrill seeker when it came to rides like this, but the older I get, the more prone to motion sickness I am. I’m actually a bit pathetic these days. :-p


  1. OK, now I can tell you’re getting…. old. yep. the Big 40 can’t be too far off. No thrill seeking rides at the Fair?! “More” prone to motion sickness?!! oy vey.

  2. Hmm.. great reading and i am quite impressed with the post. I have heard about the ride but never had an experience to ride it, now i am planning to have a ride on it and thank you for such a nice pictures that you have posted in your post….

  3. Oh boy, I’m getting a bit of nausea just looking at this. I’ve never been able to handle the “spinning” rides.

  4. TJ McDowell says:

    That looks like a lot of fun to me. My wife HATES roller coaster stuff or any other amusement park rides that fling you around. I usually have to go with the guys if I want to do an amusement park.

  5. That ride really scares me so much. Just by looking at it, my imagination wants to scream so loud and it makes me feel that if I am one of them riding on that Claw I will be thrown away on my seat anytime. But I am still open on trying riding that one…. One day if I am ready. :)

  6. I really like your post and the pictures are impressive and it seems that you are also a big fan of rides like me. I haven’t tried it yet but i will going to ride on it. Thanks for letting us know about the ride……

  7. Organic Lawn Care Products says:

    I am not very fond of these kind of rides as it most of the time makes me feel scared. But this looks quite new to me and i am going to see how it feels to have a ride on it. Thanks for sharing it…..

  8. Lol,love the far….and come on man live some more,get on next time!

  9. Having rides is my hobby and i am used to it. I really never found out that this riding claw exist in the parks but now i knew that it is there. Thanks for letting us know about it…..

  10. Wow! this looks like a giant claw!

  11. Iti is pretty scary ride. Look at the height of that thing.

  12. Nice pictures.

  13. wow. !This is amazing. i wanna ride in this gigantic thing. i gotta have a phobia on heights.this will a great trip of fun and excitement.

  14. I love the rides. My son is not old enough yet, but I think we will have a great time on rides when he gets older.

  15. I need to find a ride like that. It looks like a blast!

  16. Looking at this already makes me sick. I used to be good with rides, but as I got older, I’m a watcher too. Great photo opp though :)

  17. yeah..me too. it dosen’t matter when these rides goes upwards but when they come downwards holey moley that is the scariest part…

  18. byronagetz says:

    Oh i just scared. Its an unforgettable experience i ever had . Thanks for sharing this article and for reminding me a good day of life.


  1. […] a year ago, I posted a couple pictures of this ride. Today I took photos of the same ride, but after dark. I like how they turned out. These first two […]

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