Let me eat cake

red velvet cake

A photo of red velvet cake (purchased at Costco). Do you like red velvet cake? This one was delicious.



A photo of a red level – maybe eight inches of the device, which in actuality stretches to four feet. It’s my favorite level.



Bodega Elena de Mendoza is one of the finest red wines I’ve had in a very long time, and for less than $15 a bottle.

Rotten Apple


I thought that as Apple has finally cleaned up its mess with not being able to sell the Beatles on iTunes, an image of an apple gone bad might be ironic. I actually took this photo before even rumors broke, and I was just looking for something truly creepy. Meal worms and a red delicious […]


Jelly Donut

The age old question: Donut or doughnut? We will not answer it here, but if this isn’t one of the most beautiful photos of a jelly donut you ever saw, I’ll eat it.

The donut, not the picture.



All but certain I will be laid up tomorrow as I have been assaulted by a sore throat out of no where. Here, then, a photographic study of what laryngitis might look like.

Hello, Autumn

red and green maple

The first batch of red in this photo of the maple tree out front.

Snow Thrower (for sale)

heated grips

Troybilt 28 inch two stage snow thrower with electronic start and heated hand grips – for sale here. I’ve made a couple attempts to revive it, all to no avail.

Quantaray close-up filters and Twizzlers


Quantaray close-up filters, aperture, ISO, and shutter speed all interplay to create a pretty cool close-up picture.

Even if it is just Twizzler’s candy.

Humming bird feeder by night

Humming Bird Feeder

Photograph of a humming bird feeder taken at two in the morning, glowing softly from the light of a window.