Dutch oven chicken and vegetables

chicken pot yummy

Here’s an amazing dutch oven recipe inspired by Dorie Greenspan. You should buy her book.

Heirloom and Hybrid Bruschetta


The best Bruschetta comes from home grown tomatoes… here’s a blend of heirloom and hybrid tomatoes to get you wishing it was still summer.

Chicken Wellington with Champaign Sauce

Chicken Wellington with Champagne Sauce

I’ve made this recipe a couple of times, and be forewarned: The champaign makes a huge difference. Choose something very dry… any sweetness will cause you some grief and a lot of regret.

I think you could skip that regret if you used Pinot Grigio, perhaps cut the amount in half (and replaced the lost liquid with chicken stock). You could use that same wine when cooking the onions, garlic, and mushrooms. I’ll try that next time.

What’s Cooking?

what's cooking

Another shot from last weekend, as Claire and I prepared Chuck’s macaroni and cheese.

Game hens with bacon-chestnut stuffing

Cornish game hens filled with bacon-chestnut stuffing.

Thrice cooked potatoes

thrice cooked potatoes

A recipe for not once, not twice, but thrice cooked potatoes. Yum!

Spicy Bacon and Chicken Alfredo


My first attempt at this recipe, it turned out really well. Just wait until next time! Recipe included in full post.

Stuffed peppers


Enjoy this delicious recipe for stuffed bell peppers.

Bundt cake sticky buns


Click the photo for the recipe. Yummy!