This photo of a lamp on a building is the kind of thing that makes me wish for some way to elevate my lens when I’m on a photo walk. I like the picture, but if I could just have taken it from ten feet higher, the angle would be that much better.

What is IT?

About two years ago, as part of the monthly photography scavenger hunt I participate in, we were asked to take a photo to represent the phrase, “This is it.” It was just after the Michael Jackson film of the same name came out. I wandered the streets of Manchester, taking various photos of the letters […]

Candle Flame

I like taking pictures of fire and smoke. Maybe because fire is analogous to life. The way it moves and feeds. Perhaps I just like the patterns fire makes. Maybe because answering the question, “What is a flame?“, is so hard.   (How’s my punctuation on that last sentence? No time to look it up […]

Things that make you cry…

Another photo from my sister’s wedding – things that make you cry. Onions and weddings. We had hor dourves prior to the wedding, and this happy couple beat my sister and her beau to it. They graced an onion dip of sort as a garnish… it was good.

What is it?

Today’s photo is obviously a little more abstract. Some sort of alien antenna? Nebulous growth under a microscope? Malformed unicorn horn? What do YOU think it is?


How to levitate dice, in 58 easy steps. 1 to 57: Have your assistant gently throw the dice in the air, snap photo, fail. Step 58: Same as steps 1-57, but omit the fail. Sometimes persistence is what gets you the shot you want. This is one of those times. Technical photo details: 1/200 second […]

Ebony and Ivory

Side by side in perfect harmony… or something like that. Okay, I admit it – this photo is a bit of a throw-away… but I’ve been hanging on to these jars full of black and white computer keys forever, and I’m not sure what else to do with them… so it’s time to get rid […]


Tonight I played with a macro lens, an off-camera strobe, and a candle. Light the candle, wait two minutes, blow it out, take two photos, and repeat as needed. I took a lot of shots, but this one was my favorite. I’d like to do this again, as I don’t feel like I got the […]

The Doctor’s Files

You’ve probably seen these before – the neat, orderly row of files at a doctor’s office. They always look so neat and orderly to me. I like visual patterns, especially when there’s a break in them, such as we see here with the case of the mysterious Mr. and Mrs. F7801.


I don’t consider this an exceptional photo by any stretch – rather, it’s just another from the new lens in my bag, the Nikkor 105mm micro. It’s a pretty long lens, and capable of focusing very close up, as seen in the coffee bubbles the other day. Here I was using it to try to […]