A photo of a vase I encountered on a family vacation, and its contents’ shadows.

Spirit Day 2011

Spirit Day

  It’s Spirit Day (click to learn more), and in support of the LGBT community, many people wore purple shirts. Me, I can’t really wear purple. My skin gets an orange tint around too much purple… so I bought a tie instead. Why do we need to support the LGBT community? Are you Lesbian, Gay, […]

Purple Flowers

Purple Flowers

I took this shot at the J & F Farm. We had stopped for tomatoes and carrots, but ended up wandering by where they grow their flowers, too. I was pleased with the focus on the subject, and the nice bokeh behind it.



Get up and jump!


chive blossom2

Photos of the blossoms you’ll find at the end of a chive plant. Delicious!

March Crocuses


It’s only May, but they’re long gone, except in photos.

Happy Mother’s Day

grape hyacinth

Photo of grape hyacinth for Mother’s Day

Product shots: Tretorn Shoes

A collection of several photographs of Tretorn shoes

Crocus Macro


A macro photo of one of the Crocuses in my front yard.

Dying Tulips

Dying tulips

These were beautiful recently. They’ve given all they have to give, and it’s time for them to compost.