Pride / Shame

Pride or shame?

The Boy Scouts of America have lost their way.

I was once a boy scout. On an unrelated note, I used to think homosexuality was weird. It’s hard to remember exactly the way I felt about homosexuality when I was younger. I remember as a teen thinking that it was gross. I don’t remember fearing gay people. I know I didn’t hate them.

The first time I remember knowing a peer was gay was when I was a sophomore in high school. David choreographed the dance moves for my high school swing choir that year. David never came out to me. Heck, I never heard him talk about being gay. He was just the senior student who happened to have moves, and he taught me how to dance. After David graduated, wouldn’t you know it, our next choreographer was gay, too (but I didn’t know that until twenty years later when we connected on Facebook – small world!).

I’m straight. I was allowed to get married. I’m allowed to be there, in the hospital room, should anything happen to my beloved. I can speak on her behalf. The government recognizes that we’ve made a choice to become a joint legal entity. In most parts of the world, that’s not true if you’re a homosexual. I believe this is wrong. Gay, straight, it shouldn’t matter. I don’t believe governments should legislate away the right of any adult to enter into a loving relationship with another adult. Live and let live. Love and let love. And no, a civil union is not the same thing.

The Boy Scouts of America have a long-standing anti-homosexual policy. They do not allow gay adults to serve. If you’re a scout who identifies himself as gay, agnostic, or atheist, the BSA will no longer allow you to participate. As a private organization, they can do that. It’s their constitutional right to reinforce intolerance. Kind of like how the Klu Klux Klan doesn’t allow anyone but white people to join. Private organizations can do what they want. The scouts do this, in theory, to support their values and protect the boys that are part of scouting.

Unfortunately, it’s all a farce. Over 14,000 pages worth of documents recently went public, with records stretching back nearly a century detailing abuse of scouts at the hands of members of the BSA’s leadership. The BSA says they want to avoid further disclosure, saying that it would only harm the boys they are trying to protect. The BSA says that releasing information about the sexual predators in their ranks would discourage future victims from coming forward.

Even though the policy is decades old and out-of-date, the BSA recently affirmed their stance against gays or lesbians participating in scouting. This sounds an awful lot like what we’ve heard from the Catholic Church. When an organization steeps itself in homophobia, I believe they expose the children of their organizations to greater risks. The powers for change, for goodness, and growth that understand that homosexuality is not a choice leave their ranks. These organizations have pushed good people out the door, and shoved the conversation into the closet. They leave the predators undetected, and unhindered, to prey on the unsuspecting youth they are supposed to protect.

It is time for the BSA, the Catholic Church, and other organizations like them to learn that we are all entitled to happiness, freedom, and love. Stop the bigotry. Embrace each other as humans.

I’m proud of the Eagle Scouts who have since renounced their awards. I was also proud to sign the petition asking the Boy Scouts to allow Ryan Andresen to receive his Eagle Scout award. I’m writing today asking you to do the same thing. You can also donate to his cause through this bitcoin era trading platform.

I’m also asking you to no longer support the Boy Scouts of America. Until the BSA updates their policies to allow all young men the same opportunities, they will not receive my support. Check out Ryan’s story on Ellen. Sign the petition. Help this once proud organization regain their footing.

Thank you,



    1. Well said. Very heartfelt. Thank you for sharing this information, as well as your opinion.

    1. Firstly, I would say you have given the post a good and suitable title. Secondly, the person who is a gay is not at fault for being what he is. After all, he is a human being and he has the fundamental right to choose a suitable partner for him. It can be of the same sex because it is not a crime in my eyes.

    1. People should be ashamed of themselves if they commit a crime or are guilty of their wrong doings. However, the criminals are always found enjoying the best services. A homosexual is not a criminal and is not doing anthing wrong by loving the one from his same sex. It is fine to be a gay and not at all illegal or wrong.

    1. Gays and lesbians should not be stopped from entering any community or group and following any particular thing as it is their birth right. No one can stop them from doing what they wish to. They are first human beings and then homosexuals by their own intrest. They have all the liberty for the same.

    1. This is not fair, Homosexuality is a very normal thing, people find it different or weired because its pretty open now, in the past people used to hide their identity. Government should issue some strict rules & Homosexuality should be consider very normal.

    1. I must say a good initiative to eradicate discrimination between homosexuals and unisexuals. They both are categories of extremely normal people. Gays are not born with a mark on their body that signifies their sexuality. We are all the same when it comes to looks and likes and dislikes. No one can stop them from leading a normal life in the same environment.

    1. Funny photography, very sweet and cool. thank you for sharing.

    1. A brilliant write up and a really heart-felt insight. That being said, I really just love the picture of that little guy! :) Is that weird?

    1. What you are trying to do is such a wonderful thing. I don’t now what is happening to people, day by day they are turning into heart less monsters. I mean the rules and the laws were made to help people and not to harass them and treat them like slaves and outcasts. I am really appalled by the callous stance taken by Boy Scouts of America, they are suppose to be role models for kids and look what they are teaching them. I am with you on this fight.

    1. You would expect more of Boyscouts of America but alass it isn’t so. Good write up and Smith has some good points that laws were made to help people not harass them. Keep fighting the good fight. Proud.

    1. Greg Marshall says:

      It’s a complicated issue and like all differences between people, we need to start with respect and tolerance first.

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