Power to the People


Power Transfer Station

I drive past this transfer station most days, and recently had the chance to stop for a few photos while the family was doing other things. The image isn’t exactly what I had in mind, so I may need to try again some day. Night time photography is tough, and so far, I’m making up techniques as I go along. For this image, it’s a 20 second exposure, tripod mounted.

For those of you who might have seen my previous post, thanks for your kind words. I’m starting to heal now… pneumonia’s tough!


  1. I liked your caption most of all. For a person like me who is more into words rather than pictures, I would say that makes completes sense in a democracy like ours. Electricity towers and politics are however much you think unrelated more related than ever. After all the power monopoly in both spheres is governed by them. For the pneumonia, I would suggest that you have a lot of soups and hot, boiled foods. Also cover yourself in multiple layers of clothing whenever you go out, you do not want to risk a relapse. Keep clicking pictures and writing great captions. Get well soon.

  2. Must say that though you do not rate your night photography, this is a nice and thought-provoking picture of the mundane. You most definitely have the eye. Many people say to me that now photography is so simple because of digital cameras and photo-shop, but I totally disagree with that. Though these exist, the decision of what, where and how to click a picture is still with the photographer. A beautiful place is always beautiful no matter who clicks it, as that is natural. But it is the ability to make the ordinary, extraordinary or the ugly beautiful, there is where the power of photography truly exists. Kudos to you and your pictures, a great picture, at an opportune moment. The mundane in extra-ordinary light.

  3. Night photography is always difficult if one is not knowledgeable about the required techniques used in it. But after having a look at your photo it seems you have done the job very effectively. Also the tag you gave to this picture is a suitable one. Thanks for sharing your wonderful and meaningful photos!

  4. Andrew Witts says:

    The tower in the night has an electric principal to it. I cannot believe that you feel the picture is not perfect.But perhaps like most photographers you are a perfectionist and are always looking out for a perfect picture. Not always possible my friend. Striving for it is nice, but pushing for it is not good. Loved the color play the picture has and that all of a sudden a mundane thing caught your fantasy is great. You are growing as a photographer.

  5. Its good to hear you are healing from pneumonia! Talking about the picture, it is also unusual as always. You have that sense of photography which is required by every photographer to be a top class photographer. I don’t know why you are thinking that this picture is not that perfect because from my point of view the picture is the right choice for the caption. The picture of transfer station is perfect. Thanks for sharing it! Get well soon completely!

  6. You saying that you are experiencing a pneumonia but still you had a great shot here.. I’m wishing for your immediate recovery and I will wait for your next spot. Excellent product.

  7. The caption for the picture is the perfect! The color tone of the picture is also very good. I liked that you took the photo at night. This increases the effect of the photo all the more! Agree with you its very difficult to get that perfect angle in night photography. But I think you made it perfect by using your talent. Good job!

  8. This picture has made me realize that orange and black look really good together. Will be wearing that combination to work tomorrow. Most definitely the pants will be black and the T-shirt orange, the other way around also would not be bad for the metro-sexual man. Anyways, a really well clicked and well composed picture. You may feel it is not your best, but you saw something when you pressed the click button and now we can all see it. The color play at work was probably it.

  9. The picture for some reason reminds me of the Lego bricks. The way as a child you had to assemble and reassemble them. They said you had good logic if you succeeded. The caption you have given is also filled with political jargon, I do not know if that is intentional or unintentional. But great going brother, keep clicking such great picture night or day.

  10. I love the caption title of your photo. The picture is very well-taken. I agree night photography can be very tricky but you finished off with a nice photo anyway. Good job!

  11. I am a big fan of night photography and generally people tend to take pictures of the moon or neon lights and the like, when it is dark. One thing great is that flash gives us the chance to click amazing pictures in badly lit areas, a great thing. I think you have made a great attempt to catch something that you saw on camera, a great brilliantly lit orange colored object in contrast to a black sky, always refreshing and different, the colors are the same as the sunset another picturesque event.

  12. Night photography if not done with perfect angle can prove to be a failure. But looking at this picture I don’t think you have made any mistakes. Even I do photography sometimes, but the way you click pictures is truly amazing! The transfer station in night lights is a perfect picture if viewed by taking caption into consideration.

  13. Akbar Rosarium says:

    Must say that you have a nice collections of pictures. You have a real good eye for seeing beyond in a situation. Very nice pictures. Loved almost everyone of them. Keep it up and keep clicking and posting, looking forward to more brilliant pictures. Would like to suggest that you ditch the tripod and click pictures with your hand as well, there may be a shake but it is all worth the try and the fun. Cheers.

  14. Interesting image. What white balance settings did you use? It seems to have quite an orange cast to it…

    • That’s auto white-balance. The site has a couple of different lights. The primary is the orange color you see here, then a blue-tinted lamp on the far side of the property. Together, they made for interesting colors, and I didn’t have to work hard to get them.

  15. Practice makes perfect! For the first time it’s not a bad shot. Night photography is tough! Keep trying and hopefully you’ll get it perfect.
    Feel better!

  16. Charles Ceccarelli says:

    I liked the way in which you managed to use the night sky in a very creative manner to achieve maximum results. I have learnt a little about composition and all that and I must say that your use of the black and oranges in this picture is what makes it work. Great observation, looking forward to more such brilliance from you.

  17. Frankly speaking, firstly I was reminded of the Necropolis from HOMM III (if you’ve ever played it)))) As this is a night photography only two colours prevail it and it gives it similarity to black and white photo but at the same time filled with colour. Very good photo.

  18. Night photography is one thing which I want to try out sometime. I have heard its difficult to get the perfect shot in night. But the result you get is a satisfactory one just as in your case. The lights at transfer station seems to be perfect. They enhance the image in the right tone. Also the angle by which you have taken the shot is good.

  19. My father used to take pictures like this. He always wanted me to also be a photographer, but I ended up being a lawyer and cases make me very busy. I rarely have time to pick up my phone and click pictures, let alone use a DSLR or a professional camera and click pictures. But your photograph has inspired me to spare a few minutes and click some pictures as a stress buster. I am hoping to be able to do so soon. Thanks for helping me re-discover the love of photography that was lost somewhere in me.

  20. Carol Hong says:

    That is an amazing click. Portraying an electric pole with such excellence and innovation was just brilliant. I mean who would have thought of shooting a pole and that too during the night. I don’t have much knowledge about photography but I can say your click is very professional.

  21. The shot which you have posted is quite interesting. The caption which you have given is also suitable one for the picture. Night photography is very difficult to do. Sometimes even professionals make mistakes while taking the shot. But they should try to accept their mistakes. I don’t know much about the perfect night photography. But as you have posted this picture even when it is not perfect, shows that you know about your mistakes. And the one who knows about own mistakes, he/she succeeds much higher in life.

  22. Have had a look at a few of your pictures and must say that you have a great way of capturing different shots and they all make you look at them and ponder for a while. But besides that I must say I was impressed with the crisp, catchy titles that you gave your pictures. You seem to be one person who has both visual as well as verbal skills. Looking forward to some more great titles and pictures.

  23. You catch a great view, Its beautiful and different that attract everyone’s eyes.

  24. I’ve been browsing the web (bad day to do it with the SOPA protests and sites going down) looking for some photography blogs to forward to my grandfather who’s starting to get into nature shots around his home in Vermont. I really like the format and your work. I’ll definitely pass this along to him. Thanks and glad to hear you’re over pneumonia. I had that earlier this winter too; brutal!

  25. Loved this photograph and the way you have captured a not so pretty looking structure and managed to make it look both appealing and pretty all at the same time. Great attempt at making photography play the role of a magician, I think it absolutely worked in changing an ordinary object into an extra-ordinary object in a photograph.

  26. I want to share this to my friends because I know they are very interested to know more about this…

  27. I love pictures like this that have layered messages. They mean so much at first glance and as you look at them, more and more the meaning keeps on getting deeper and deeper. The picture speaks about politics, light and day, science, technology, warmth and loneliness, solidarity and family. Keep posting such pictures.

  28. First of all it was good to hear that you are recovering from Pneumonia. And to talk about your photography, I think you have done pretty good job. Night photography is a tough job but by looking at your photo you have nailed it nicely I think. Also the caption is a good one and the photo does justice to it.

  29. Marshall Miller says:

    Photography is my passion, but I often tend to get a blur and my pictures get spoilt. I was wondering whether it had something to do with a lack of the use of a tripod. I always thought tripods were all the requirements of a professional photographer and as an amateur did not invest in it. But after seeing your pictures I feel it is better if I a tripod. Thanks for uploading your pictures, keep doing so.

  30. Thank you for sharing this upload picture…You captured the photo very nice..I think I should share this to my
    friend..Keep on posting..

  31. Theo Magen says:

    ‘Power To The People’ is the perfect caption and I think you have given the complete justice by posting this picture. But as you have posted that you are not happy with the shot, then I think getting job satisfaction is also equally important. It is good to see that you have noticed your mistake and have accepted it in a better way. I think your next shot would be a much better one and it will also gain you job satisfaction. But for now just do take care of your health!

  32. Domenic De Giorgio says:

    Shooting at night is the most difficult part of photography. I have always preferred shooting during late dusk or just before sunrise in order to get a little light in my picture. But looking at your picture, it seems with proper shutter exposure and angle, It is possible to get beautiful shots during the night as well. I would love to see more of your pictures clicked during the night.

  33. Our world is really beautifully-different under the light of the moon and streetlamps.

  34. Rarely photographers post pictures taken in night. I know it is very difficult but the beauty of night photography is different from the usual day light photographs. Your shot depicts the unusual shade of transfer station which is under the night lights. It also depicts the perfect balance of color. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  35. Night shots are very difficult to get. But if taken by considering all the technical aspects then can give the best results. But as you have mentioned that you are still suffering from pneumonia then, I don’t think you have to worry about getting more better shot than this. You don’t have to get disheartened by this picture. I liked the picture and also the caption.

  36. It is really great that photographers like you are taking night photography to the next level with your work must say that it has impressed me a lot. Nice texture, color and light balance. Looking forward to more pictures being clicked by you and being uploaded soon. Take care and cheers.

  37. It looks great. I am impressed of this shots because for me it is really hard to capture things especially like this at night and this was really great. Anyway glad to know James that you are starting curing yourself from Pneumonia and I am praying for your continuous healing. :)

  38. The power that the camera gives a person is very underestimated in today’s world. I feel what needs to be done is make people more open to understanding and reading the inner meaning in a picture rather than just always look out for words. What makes your blog different from others is that you have pictures saying what you need to in opposition to words that other bloggers employ.

  39. I think you should start posting more shots taken in night. Because as seen from this shot, I think you know the perfect techniques for night photography. For us it is rare to get night photographs on site. But it is amazing to see pictures taken in night lights. Your shot is also one of the amazing pictures. I liked the angle of the shot which you have taken. It depicts the transfer station in a unique way.

  40. Camera is just the medium to showcase the world from one’s point of view. I think you have depicted a perfect view of the transfer station from your shot. This shot clearly makes justice to the caption also. By posting this picture, I think you have done a good job! You know your faults and it is the sign of a good photographer.

  41. Catherine says:

    This is a perfect shot in my eyes! You are definitely right, photographs at night is really tough and you are gifted to make this shot with a perfect angle. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  42. I this this is a perfect view that i’ve seen..Nice sharing of your great talent..

  43. Cool shot. I always love nighttime photos with long exposures. And I’ve always thought those power plant things were interesting looking lol glad to see I’m not the only one. I’m looking forward to seeing what other shots you can come up with from this location, keep it up!

  44. Ok, I like this subject matter much better than the gross tick hahaa. This is a pretty neat shot. I always like long exposure shots, I think it opens up so many artistic possibilities for the photographer. Also, thanks for sharing what technique you used, I love learning new things straight from the experts.

  45. That’s really cool pic of power transfer station. I like this picture.

  46. Wow really cool shot! I love long exposures, I bet it was super dark when you took this. Props to you, this pic turned out great, very interesting subject matter too

  47. This is a perfect shot in my eyes! You are definitely right, photographs at night is really tough and you are gifted to make this shot with a perfect angle. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  48. That’s a great looking photo. Your are definitely know how to make night shots. Super!

  49. Love the repeating lines. My favorite part!

  50. Wow! This is a great pic. I love the colors and how realistic it looks. Keep up the great work :)

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