Portsmouth Brewery

beer sampler

We made it to the Portsmouth Brewery today, and I was able to enjoy some samples from the tap. The kitchen does a very good job, as do the brew masters, but the service is a little bit hit or miss. Today we enjoyed a delicious cheeseburger and a fried fish sandwich. Larger pics on Flickr.


  1. If you also enjoyed ALL those brews before driving home, is that worse than using your cruise control in the rain….??!

  2. I guess I just figured it went without saying… I’m pretty picky about the whole living/dying thing, and I did not drive afterwards.

  3. Don’t forget that delicious cauliflower bisque we sampled. I believe it had some sort of a fresh thyme infusion in the broth. Next time it’s cauliflower season I will attempt to replicate – how can anything with cream and butter not be good?

  4. I love beer samplers.. you just inspired me to find one in my own neighborhood. I think most breweries have samplers?

  5. The new photo is cooler! Though I am feeling thirsty for some barley beer. ?

  6. I don’t like beer in general and but this photo make me want one. I love the Heinkein commericialt they make me want to drink a beer and lay out.


  7. The glasses looks nice for the different color of liquid.At light they become shiny and glittering the liquids.I also like to drinks bear and soft drinks like Pepsi, 7-UP and others juice.But such different color drinks at a time is first seen by me just now.Thanks for giving this photo.

  8. Great photo. The direction and lighting is great in this snapshot . . .it gives each of the liquids it’s own special allure. You know your shot is successful when people get thirsty just looking at it. I hope you enjoyed every last drop of the samples.

  9. Like this one much more than

    great take

  10. I definitely prefer the one you linked to here. That said, I know some people prefer their images be more in focus, and they might prefer the top photo.

  11. We need to serve that while we’re performing on stage! lol

  12. I actually like both photos. If I were in the restaurant business, I would prefer the clearer photo. However, from an artistic standpoints, I would much prefer the “blurry” one. In fact, it would look great above my bar.

  13. I love Portsmouth brewery. If you have a chance pop up the A3 toward Guildford and head to the hogsback brewery! You will really enjoy it!

  14. You should try the Boracay’s best Buddy! The Cocomanga’s “Still Standing After 15” man it’ll definitely blow your mind!

  15. Your trip to Portsmouth Brewery is my dream destination. I heard that they have the best beer available. The drinks all lined up are quite tempting.

  16. Ben Zoyl says:

    They looked like candles! But awesomely delicious, my imagination draws a lot of thoughts with these power shots!

  17. I don’t know..I like the first photo you took. However, the big light spot is a little distracting. Which beer do you prefer?

  18. James K says:

    Whats the one on the end, without the head?

  19. I think that one was a Dirty Blonde Ale.

  20. Hi there! I would love to use this photo for a fundraiser flyer! It’s a beautiful shot! Please contact me at [email protected]




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