Pedal Power

I’ve mentioned these before… when I took a bunch of Tretorn photos, they came up. They are, in the words of a total stranger, “Epic.”

They’re the kind of shoes that cause total strangers to walk up and ask you where you got them. One woman told me that she used to think her Kelly green Converse All Star high tops were awesome, but after she saw these, she decided they were lame.

They’re Gore-Tex lined, so I don’t wear them in the summer… but around October, I bust them out for warm footed orange-y goodness. Tretorn for the win! I have several pairs of their shoes, and a few sweaters, too.


  1. Cindy Auligny says:

    I love the shoes’ color, and the combination between it and the bicycle’s color, too. It looks active, suitable for an Autumn evening.

  2. I love the picture. Not only a color that is quite fascinating seeing on shoes, they beat green ones, it also matches the bicycle. Which I think adds a lot to the picture.

  3. TJ McDowell says:

    Those shoes crack me up. Who wouldn’t want a pair of those? You’ll get a reputation in the neighborhood wearing those =)

  4. I love those shoes!

  5. Cool shoes. Does that come in red? I think that’s better than Converse. I want one like that. Btw, I checked Tretron’s site, I got interested in some of their products. Neat and affordable designs. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Nice Tretorn. Complements the color of the bike! cool picture!

  7. Great shot, love the composition gives the scene a real focus, just the colour and shoes, perfect, would make a great advertising image

  8. I love it. I want one like that. That’s a perfect gift for Christmas. Thanks for sharing it. Awesome shot by the way, I’m also a photographer my self.

  9. Nice shot and nice shoes. I want one like that. LOL. You must be a professional photographer to take an amazing photo like that. Does the camera matter to take a great photo like that? Thanks for sharing it.

  10. I love the shoes. they definitely are attention getting. ha/ha

  11. I was going to say, these look a lot like Converse. I don’t have a favorite pair of shoes when I go biking-just my only pair of running shoes. What makes these so different than the Converse?

    • Converse are too narrow for me, for one. I think what makes these stand out is the vibrant color and the sturdy fabric. They should last a lot longer than canvas.

  12. I like the Schwinn with the matching shoes. My favorite pair are a pair of red Vans because they just pop with any outfit.

  13. I learned a new word today :Tretorn. Want some of those now that it has been raining so much lately.

  14. My friend has an orange bike like that :) Love how it pops out next to the grey.

  15. Those do look pretty great. My go-to sneaker right now are my “Dodger blue” (as my friend dubbed them) Converses that I got on sale. My first and so far only pair of Converse. I had resisted buying the brand for a long time because they didn’t look comfortable and honestly, everyone had them and I’m one to stubbornly resist trends as long as I can…now I’m hooked and want to buy them in every color imaginable. I just checked out the Tretorn site and I really like some of the colors on there, they have some nice browns and actually pair of red ones I like! Thanks, just what I needed, another shoe brand to get addicted to.

  16. I love the shoes’ color.

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