Dandelion Seed

Very long exposure image of a dandelion head with just one seed left.


  1. A good idea, well executed. I love the richness of the colours – as well as the botany lesson :-)

  2. The dandelion depicts a dry flower that speaks of a different kind of beauty hidden in it. The angle you have used to click this picture has given it more defination and a wonderful description by you in the end of the post explains evrything suitably. However, the one and alone dandelion looks lonely and sad.

  3. One dandelion, one last seed and this one picture is enough to talk so much about your photography skills. It is very impressive indeed. I like the way you have used the dried plant to highlight every bit of it. I am really mesmerized.

  4. Nice Photograph. I like the lighting and the empty feeling of maybe death it has. Anyway I like the emotions that photography envokes. Sorry about two comments, I am trying to see how this comment love keyword name thing works.

    • I removed the dup – no problem, Jason.

      I also see how a four word limit would be more appropriate for someone like you, so I changed that setting so you could fit the word “photographer” into your keyword link going forward.

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  5. This is a great picture, and actually a really cool and unique idea for a picture!
    I have done some similar pictures, mainly experimental, but none of them came out as good as this one.

  6. That is a gorgeous shot. I love dandelions. I have a shot of my daughter blowing one that always reminds me of when I was little.

  7. Just wondering why this needed to be a long exposure? Not enough light or what?

    • Hi, Juha, with the 105mm lens and very close proximity, the depth of field for this shot was incredibly shallow. I cranked the aperture as tight as it would go so I could get the whole thing in focus, thus necessitating the 30 second exposure.

  8. This is a Awesome picture, actually I have done some similar pictures & i tried my best to came out as good as this one, but none of them came out as good as this one.

  9. Sean Thomas says:

    Impressive photography of the dandelion. I like your website, nice work.

  10. Jorja Orr says:

    that is so beautiful, the details of the pics are perfectly capture. I love it.

  11. Stephan Berglund says:

    Really nice looking picture…keep up the good work !

  12. A beautifully simple image and composition that still manages to say so much. Great work!

  13. Wow! That’s really philosophic! I love it!

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