Wright Memorial, Kittyhawk, North Carolina

Wright Memorial

Images from Kittyhawk, North Carolina


Still life photo of a dumbbell. Went for both gritty and austere, not sure if I achieved it. Looking for your input.

Lighthouse Steps

Hatteras Lighthouse Steps in Sepia

Photos of just a few of the 268 steps from the bottom to the top of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse


On the way home from Ocracoke Island, we stopped to see the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, where I managed to grab a couple good photographs.

Yellow Crab

ghost crab

Photo of a Yellow Crab from Ocracoke Island, North Carolina… something my brother-in-law caught in his hat, of all things.

Ocracoke Seagulls


Of the dozens of seagull photos I took… I’m only showing two here. You’re welcome.

Brown Pelicans Hunting


Not just synchronized pelicans… I have photos of hunting pelicans. Click the pic to see ‘em!

Ocracoke Sunrise

Ocracoke gulls on the beach

Three photos of Ocracoke’s lonely beach at sunrise.

Ocracoke graveyard

ocracoke tombstone

Excerpts from a very small grave yard on Ocracoke island, North Carolina

Baby Turtles Sleep Here

Sea Grass on Ocracoke Island

Photographs of Ocracoke Island’s beach, including a turtle nesting ground.