November Fungus


We went walking in the woods this weekend, and I brought my camera along. Luckly, I brought my flash, too. In this shot, I held it in my left hand as far away from me as possible when I took the picture, and set the camera to underexpose the image slightly. I like the way the colors turned out, and the shadows are filled in by the flash.

Not sure what kind of fungus this is. Certainly not your typical mushroom!


  1. Excellent shot. They look more like clams, not mushrooms. ?

  2. Such a awesome picture, really like the colors!

    Thanks for sharing Ronald!

  3. Nicely spotted! I like the depth of the picture and the simetry of the fungi :)

  4. Smashing photo. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a fungus like that before. Wonder if it is edible?

  5. i think its too close but the shallow depth makes it perfect :)

  6. That’s cool! I havent had much time to go around looking for stuff to photograph. I just got back from yellowstone and those pictures are taking up my time lol. I did manage to find some cool orange glowing moss a few weeks ago :)

  7. Fantastic shot! I grew some of those polypore mushrooms in a class once. They weren’t as beautiful as the ones in your photo though.

  8. Those are some freakish looking mushroom, great shot by the way.

  9. Great photo! I love that you used a flash, but it doesn’t look like one of those photos that the flash is so high it ruins the picture. Good job.

  10. Stunning! The shot is wonderful. I am extremely inspired as i am looking into the photography of rare species I hadn’t considered before ! It looks very realistic. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Another nice shot, really interesting subject! That fungus is totally weird looking, it reminds me of a clam or a mussel or something like that.

  12. Oooh, we had these in the garden when I was little. Sadly, they are not edible, and they are almost as hard as wood (yes. I sunk my teeth into them several times as a child). But they look very pretty mounted on the wall, and if you dry them carefully they last for decades. Beautiful picture!

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