Dancing Lobster

Lobster Dancer

A lobster dances to entice you to order… Lobster? The photos don’t do her justice. She was on fire.

Starfish Microcosm

starfish microcosm

We went to the beach, and she said she was going to catch a starfish… and she did.

Destruction from above!


A photo from Hampton Beach, New Hampshire; one of the rocks in the ocean is a popular spot for the gulls.


reflecting on Dad

Photo of my father’s reflection as he walks along the beach in Hampton, New Hampshire.

Clock Tower

clock tower

Taken at The North Church in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, this photo is part of the church’s steeple.

Welcome to Maine


The Piscataqua Bridge connects New Hampshire and Maine.



A seagull flies over Hampton Beach in New Hampshire

Rare New Hampshire Sunset

New Hampshire sunset

A rare spectacular sunset taken in Raymond, New Hampshire

Fork Reflections


From the Gaslight Restaurant in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Detail of a fork on a copper table.

Soldier’s Monument in Chester, New Hampshire

soldier's monument

Soldier’s Monument, in Chester, New Hampshire. Erected in 1904.