Nesting Dolls

Window lit at dusk – the 8th doll.


  1. That looks so cool, it’s kind of like the doll is sinking in a whirlpool of larger dolls ?

  2. Jane Cooper says:

    I remember when i was young i used to have Matrioshka, it’s great concept for photo, i’ve got to say that each photo which you put on your site is somehow interesting.

  3. alexbard says:

    In Russia we call them – matryoshka, or babushka doll. ))

  4. I’ve always wanted a Russian doll :)

  5. I love this still. My mother used to collect them and I loved playing with them as a child. Great shot!

  6. Nice shot! I’ve always wanted to have a set of nesting dolls. I bet there’s a lot you can do with them in photography.

  7. It almost looks like a caterpillar in the middle of a cocoon. Gosh, I haven’t seen these things since I was a kid. They always kind of creeped me out, but I could never stop playing with them. Do you own these?

  8. Ah, it’s a girl! Every time I’ve ever seen these dolls, I’ve always thought about having a baby for some reason. This picture is actually really cute, despite the face on the doll- and I would have never know it was dusk,because the lighting is still so bright!

  9. This shot is really cute. I would have thought it was in the middle of the day, though. It kind of brings back nostalgic feelings from childhood.

  10. These things freak me out! I imagine them moving around the house at night while I sleep. I think I watched too many horror movies when I was a kid : )

  11. Love it! a real sense of discovery about the image. Great composition.

  12. This is something I grew up with :-)
    Indeed, very common and popular toys in Russia – my native country :-)

  13. I’m from Russia, and I like it :)

  14. Liewilyn Baynosa says:

    I thought it was a candy or something. Hahaha It looks so cute.

  15. I was staring at the picture, then read the caption and the photo looked like it was moving. Almost like those illusion photos. Neat picture!

  16. It’s Russian Matrioshka)

  17. Great photo! Upon seeing this I feel something relaxing inside of me. Thus, it is nice to give this to a baby or little girl as a gift.

  18. Oh, what a nice nesting dolls. When I was young I always ask my mom to buy me a set of nesting dolls because I really really love it even now I use to want it but for my kids lol.

  19. Bulls eye!

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