Nemesis: Beetle

I hate these things. They’re eating the leaves on several of my trees, and the grapes get pounded pretty heavy, too. I think the chickens eat them when they can… so that probably helps.

Of course, the chickens don’t eat grape leaves… they eat the grapes.

Sometimes you just can’t win!


  1. I hate them too – actually, I hate all bugs. Great photo though! Did you shoo (or smash) this guy after you took it? ?

  2. wow the bug has a metallic shine to it

  3. That really bugged you! ? Great picture, James. I haven’t seen human portraits on your blog. Maybe you add some in the future.

  4. I personally don’t like bugs. But its looking really cool in this picture. Bravo James!! ?


  5. Bugs are always fun to take pictures of. Lots of colors and details. Fun little beetle.

  6. Pretty colors – not so pretty behavior! At least you got a good shot out of it, though, right?

  7. Well I certainly like this little guy better than the snails! I really like how you can see a slight reflection in his shell.

  8. That bug has a pretty shining colors. Great capture! But I’m afraid on that insect when they fly around.

  9. Dr. George Suarez says:

    That thing does not look good at all. Sorry for the damage they are causing

  10. I have noticed that you take a lot of close up pictures. What kind of lens do you use? And do you touch up your pictures in photoshop?

  11. As much as I don’t like the fact that the beetle is eating your leaves and grapes, I have to say it is kind of pretty. Amazing colors on it’s shell!

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