Cat Tail, Cat


Went to one of the wetlands near my house. Managed to capture both a cat’s tail… and a cat.    

On the Prowl

on the prowl

A photo of Muffet – cat on the prowl.

Muffet Isn’t Happy

Abigail the puppy just moved in… and Muffet isn’t happy.

Who’s watching whom?

cats and squirrel

Muffet and Sumo watch the vermin through the window.

Black cat with green eyes

black cat

Muffet, a black cat with green eyes, is ready for his close up.

Chipmunk hunter

chipmunk hunter

Muffet is perched on the big granite boulder in front of the house. Across the street, a chipmunk is squeaking. Muffet is poised to investigate (stupid chipmunk better not end up dead in my living room tonight).

Cat and chipmunk video – Muffet doing what he does best.

Another nature film, this time it’s Muffet the cat chomping a New England chipmunk on the back deck on Independence Day. Not as graphic as the last video.