Good night, Neil.


The number of heroes who walk the earth has been diminished by one. The first human to set foot on the moon died this morning. I’m not sure who said it first, but as long as there are history books, Neil Armstrong will be in them. In a statement, his family suggested the following. For those who may […]

Perigee Moon

perigee moon

Last night, if the skies were clear, you might have seen the largest appearing full moon in twenty years. The moon’s orbit is not circular, and this was the closest a full moon has been to the earth since 1993.

Guest Post: Shooting the Moon


Here’s a guest post with some information on how to take great moon shots. To start with – you need a long lens. This was taken with a 300 mm lens, and it’s still not the most detailed image ever. I think something in the 600 mm range probably works best. Other specs on this […]



A nearly full moon rises over Chester, New Hampshire

Moon, tree, snow.


Taken after the last snow storm.

Full moon, oak trees, and clouds


Continuing to play with the camera during the full moon, this picture is from my back yard. The tripod made a world of difference.

Moonlight and Steeple

Another photo from Lexington, VA; a moonlit night and church steeple.

Moon rise over Chester


The moon rises gently over a field in Chester, New Hampshire