Monthly Scavenger Hunt

What is the monthly scavenger hunt? I talk about it a lot… but to first time readers, it’s a strange concept.

There is a group of like-minded photographers on that participate in the hunt. Twenty clues are provided to the group, and anyone who wants to participate can upload photos for as many or few categories as they like. My first scavenger hunt was in December 2009, and I’ve completed every hunt since then.

The clues can be interpreted literally or figuratively. Poetic license is expected. The main rule of the group is to keep it family friendly (which I interpret as PG13).

As photos are submitted, group members vote on each others photos. When you’re voting, you give the picture a number score, from 1 to 10. At the end of the month, administrator volunteers use software to compile the results, and the top three scores for each category are posted. Here are the photos I’ve submitted that ranked in the top three:

If you want to learn more, please visit the Monthly Scavenger Hunt web page. You can also visit the group’s blog / tutorial collection.

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